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X-FILE INDEX Nos. D119 & D120
Campbellford, Ontario, July 2, 1954
Reel T3291, Intelligence, Sighting of Unknown Objects
Record Group 24 Volume 17988 HQC-940-105 Part 2
A campbellford man writes the government about a UFO he photographed. He sends along one picture and two negatives. This is the government translation of his hand-written letter.

                                                 Campbellford, Ont.

                                                         July 12/54
Dear Sirs:
                   Re: FLYING SAUCER ! ?

           On Friday July 2/54 I saw something which I never before have
seen in the sky.  It was about 11:30 p.m. when I suddenly saw a very
bright light in the sky (just like a great big star with the exception that
there was no twinkle to it) directly south and about at a 30 degree angle.
It drew my full attention, when all of a sudden that thing started to
move around.  First I could not believe my eyes.  To make sure, I put my
head on the bed and focused the "star" on the edge of the window.  This
way I could very plainly see that it was moving sometimes very long
distances.  Therefore I alarmed the two employees, my brother and his wife.
As this object remained motionless when those people where watching, they
did not believe me abd me that I was dreaming, etc. etc.,.. Especially
my brother, who never believed in anything like that, was very skeptical.
I forced them to keep watching it till it starts moving again.

           In the meantime I set up my camera.  Suddenly the "star" moved
again and everyone could see it very clearly.  All of them were questioning
what in the world that could be?  They said, that they would not believed
me, if they had not seen it with their own eyes.  It was then about mid-
night when I tried to get that thing on film.  As we live right on the
Highway, it was very hard to get a good time-exposure for the light of the
cars.  The two negatives to show the result.  However in the bodem negative
you can see in the lower left side a few "dods".  Due to the carlight, the
"trace" is invisible, but you can see that it was moving there. The print
of the last exposure gives you an excellent view of that mysterious thing
when it was moving. How long it was exposed I do not know, because in my
agitation I forgot to count; but I guess about 20 sec. to a half minute.
Sometimes it was very small whereas it often appeared very bright.  I was
watching it till about 1:30 a.m. but it did not move any more since about
00:45 a.m.

            As we are very much interested I thought that you might be able
to tell us more about it. Should you require more information I shall be
glad such upon your questions plus the signatures from the observants.

            My "boss" the bank-manager told me to send it to the Toronto
Newspapers so I would get a fee.  However I thought that I better tell you
first about it and hear your answer.

            For an early reply best thanks in advance.

                                             Yours truly,

                                             "SGD" [CENSORED]

Enclosed:  Two negatives and one print.

Copyright (C)2005 Joseph Daniels, All Rights Reserved