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X-FILE INDEX Nos. D058 & D059
Air Intelliegence Lies about Investigations and
Suggests Request be Passed to Wilbur Smith, December 10, 1957
Reel T3291, Intelligence, Sighting of Unknown Objects
Record Group 24 Volume 17988 HQC-940-105 Part 2
In response to the London/External-Affair request for information on Flying Saucers, the Directorate of Air Intelligence states that the RCAF does not OFFICIALLY investigate UFOs, but that the Directorate of Air Intelligence is a collection point for reports, and also A/C Bryans of AMAP ordered UFO reports to be filed in 1950, but knowledge of the investigation would be "played down". He then suggests the British request to be fowarded to the Department of Transport's Wilbur Smith.

                                                         C O N F I D E N T I A L
                                                         C940-105 (Vol 4) DAI
                          M E M O R A N D U M
                                                         10 Dec 57

Unidentified Flying Objects

1      Reference the request from the Under Secretary of State for External Affairs
on behalf of the High Commissioner at London, dated 27 Nov 57.

2      The RCAF has no official policy concerning the subject. There is no office
within NDHQ commissioned to deal with the reports of these phenomena, although
DAI seems to be the gathering place for them. There is a recorded instance in October
1950, where A/C Bryans, then AMAP, ordered that reports would be filed, but that
investigations would be played down. There has never been a serious investigation of
any report on file at AFHQ.

3      The Chief of the Radio Division in the Department of Transport, Mr. W.B.
Smith, (against the advice of his superiors) has had himsef appointed chairman to the
Canadian Committee of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena,
headquartered at Washington DC. It would seem that External Affairs should be
directed to Mr. W.B. Smith for the answers they seek.

4       A memorandum to this effect for DM's signature is attached.

                                                   (R.B. Ingalls) G/C
                                               Director of Air Intelligence


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