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X-FILE No. C149
REF: Reel T-3291 Record Group 24 Vol 17988 HQC 940-105 Part 1
In this letter from Oatway of DRB to the other members of the "Theta-12" (Canada's version of the MJ-12) the date of the next meeting is set-up and the code-name "Hot Tomalley" is suggested.

                  DEFENCE RESEARCH BOARD

                                   OTTAWA, Ontario
                                   30 April, 1952.

     TO: Distribution.

     1.         The next meeting of the Committee
     which was set up to deal with "Flying Saucer
     Reports" will be held in the Defence Research
     Board Room at 0900 hours, May 6th, 1952.

     2.         Attached hereto is a copy of the
     questionnaire which resulted from the last
     meeting of the Committee.

     3.        With reference to the name "Project
     Theta" brought up at the last meeting, due to
     security regulations this name cannot be used
     in open literature.  Also with this question-
     naire form it will be necessary to use what
     is known as a nickname.  Nicknames must consist
     of two words and cannot contain a colour. One
     nickname brought forth so far is "Hot Tomalley".
     Other suggestions are in order.

                             (H.C. Oatway)

     D I S T R I B U T I O N

     Dr. O.M. Solandt     - D.R.B.
     S/L L.P.S. Bing        J.I.S.
     F/L V.L. Bradley       D.R.B.
     Col. G.M. Carrie       D.R.B.
     O/C D.M. Edwards       D.A.I.
     Mr. A.J. Langley       D.R.B.
     Dr. P.M. Millman       Dom. Observ.
     Cdr. J.C. Pratt        D.N.I.
     Mr. W.B. Smith         D.O.T.
     Lt. Col. E.H. Webb     D.M.O. & P.
     Mr. H.C. Oatway        D.R.B.
     Dr. Green              D.R.B.
     File Copy

Copyright 1997 Joseph Daniels, All Rights Reserved