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X-FILE No. C052
Tuesday October 14, 1952
Intelligence Sightings of Unkown Objects Reel T3291
Record Group 24 Volume 17988 HQC-940-105 Part 1
The Toronto Globe and Mail on October 16, 1952 reports that two days earlier, on Tuesday,  plastic tubes fell from the skies over the Alvinston, Ontario area that were 2.5 by 4.5 feet wide. Responding to a request, the London RCAF station forwards a sample of the material found in the area to the RCAF station in Trenton, Ontario for analysis. Later WD Birch of the Defence Research Board would say it that they were from "Sky Hook" weather balloons.
Department of National Defence Royal Canadian Air Force
    London, Ont, 17 October, 1952 Air Officer Commanding, Training Command, RCAF, Trenton, MPO 303, Ont. Investigations Items Dropped from Aircraft 1 Reference is made to your signal A1926 d/17 Oct requesting that a sample of the material which was dropped in the Alvinston area be forwarded to your headquarters. This sample is enclosed. 2 From a preliminary investigation this material apparently fell from the skies during the weekend of 12 Oct. Portions of the material have been found by farmers and townspeople on a line running from Inwood to Melbourne. The material has not as yet been definitely established, but it is thought that it might have been the outer cover to a weather balloon possibly released from the Selfridge Air Base. If necessary, I will despatch officers to the area to obtain statements from the various farmers, Ontario Provincial Police, etc., concerned. I doubt, however, if such an investi- gation would prove fruitful. (Signed) (J.A. Sproule) W/C CO, RCAF Stn, London. Encl.
RCAF G32 1000M--11-51 (7019)

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