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X-FILE No. C012
REF: Reel T-3291 Record Group 24 Vol 17984 HQC-940-105 Part 1
Page two of a sample RCAF written Unidentified Flying Object Report (FLYOBRPT).

         7          No activity or condition, meteorological or
         otherwise, which might account for the sighting is known
         to this office.

         8          Negatives and prints of two photographs taken
         by F/O Jones from the Control Tower are enclosed.  The
         photos are being transmitted for further evaluation. How-
         ever, it appears that nothing has shown up except for what
         seem to be reflections on Photo Number 2.  F/O Jones
         states that he aided the camera hastily and may have
         failed to get the object within the lens field of the

         9          No interception or identification action was
         taken at this station.

         10         An Expeditor was the only traffic in the area
         other than the Harvard.  The pilot had requested landing
         instructions and reported his position as fifteen miles
         southwest at 1259 AST.  F/O Jones described the position
         of the object he had in view and asked the Expeditor
         pilot if he had the object under observation.  The pilot
         replied in the negative.

         11         This office is unable to offer any opinion on
         this incident.  It is reasonably certain that the object
         was not a conventional aircraft, and the possibility that
         it might be a weather balloon is ruled out by its speed
         and maneuvers.

                                              (LT Hond) F/L
                                              for Commanding Officer,
         Encls:                               RCAF Stn., Chatham NB
         1 Statement (F/O Jones)
         2 Statement (F/L Smith)
         3 Photos (2 in dupl)
         4 Map (Route of object)           (attach as required)