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X-FILE No. C011
REF: Reel T-3291 Record Group 24 Vol 17984 HQC-940-105 Part 1
A sample RCAF Written Unidentified Flying Object Report (FLYOBRPT).

                                          U N C L A S S I F I E D

         Attachment 3

         Sample of Written Report
                                                 E X A M P L E
         Air Offiecer Commanding                  R E P O R T
         Air Defence Command                 DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS
         RCAF Station St. Hubert                  JUL 3 1968
         St. Hubert, PQ

         Attn: Command Intelligence Officer

         FLYOBRPT, RCAF Station Chatham - 12 Mar 55

         1         The following Unidentified Flying Object Report
         is submitted in accordance with letter, ADC HQ File:
         dated    Feb 53.

         1         An unidentified flying object of unkown size,
         described as a brilliant silver disc was observed by officers
         from this station.  Two object's speed was estimated at 500
         knots as it travelled along the horizon.  It changed from
         level flight to a steep climb and faded from view of the
         observers with no sound having been heard and no trail or
         exhaust having been noticed.

         2         The object was first noticed at 1255 Atlantic
         Standard Time on 12 Mar 53 and was observed continuously
         for an estimated four minutes.

         3         No optical or electronic aids were used in the
         observations, and the object was not picked up on radar.
         Observation was by the naked eye, through the glass of the
         control tower in one case, and through an aircraft canopy
         in another case.

         4         One of the reporting officers was in the control
         tower at RCAF Station Chatham, and the other observer was in
         a Havard aircraft flying at 1,000 feet above the ground in
         the traffic pattern approximately one mile due north of the
         tower.  The object appeared due south of the tower and
         travelled from east to west parallel to the course of the
         Harvard.  After approximately three minutes, it climbed
         abruptly at an continued 60 degree angle, faded in brilliance,
         and was lost to view in the sun.  The distance from the tower
         and the altitude of the object are unknown, but it was
         described as being just below the horizon.

         5         Observers were F/O JP Jones, CFCO, RCAF Station
         Chatham (Four years in Flying Control Duties) and F/L RG
         Smith, No. 1 OTU RCAF Station Chatham (nine years flying
         experience, 15 months as Flying Instructor at this station).
         Both observers are considered highly reliable and their
         reports, obtained seperately, are in agreement on all main

         6         Weather at 1300 AST was 7,000 feet scattered,
         high cirrus, surface wind 5-7 knots from the northwest,
         winds aloft 010 25 knots at 10,000; 350, 40 knots at
         20,000; 350, 45 knots at 30,000.

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