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X-FILE No. C009
REF: Reel T-3291 Record Group 24 Vol 17984 HQC-940-105 Part 1
In addition to the formal instructions for making a UFO report, the RCAF issues these guidlines for filling out the UFO report form.

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REPORTING OUTLINES - Unidentified Flying Objects (FLYOBRPT)

1         A brief description of the object(s), shape, size,
colour, number, formation if more than one, aerodynamic
features, trail or exhaust, speed, sound, maneuvers, manner
of disappearance, and other pertinent or unusual features.

2          Time of sighting in 24-hour clock zonal time, and
length of time observed.

3          Manner of observation; visual or electronic, from
air (give speed, altitude, and type of aircraft), or surface.
Any type of optical or electronic equipment used should be
described, and it should be so stated if the object was
observed through window or windshield.

4         Location of observer during sighting, giving exact
latitude and longitude as closely as feasible, and/or ref-
erence to a known landmark.  Location of object(s) with
respect to observer, giving distance, direction, and altutude.

5         Identifying information on observer(s) and witness(es),
estimate of reliability and experience, and any factors bear-
ing on estimated reliability of the sighting.

6         Weather and winds aloft conditions at time and place
of sightings.

7         Any activity or condition, meteorological or other-
wise, which might account for the sighting.

8         Existence of any physical evidence such as frag-
ments, photographs and the like, of the sighting.

9         Interception or identification action taken.  (Such
action may be taken whenever feasible, complying with existing
air defence directives.)

10        Location of any traffic in the general area at the
time of the sighting.

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