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X-FILE No. C007
REF: Reel T-3291 Record Group 24 Vol 17984 HQC-940-105 Part 1
Instructions for reporting UFOs Continued. They must be made without delay and the word "FLYOBRPT" should appear at beginning. Any UFO debris must be safeguarded until they receive special instructions from Headquarters.


                             - 2 -

6.	Information relating to unidentified flying objects
will be reported without delay.  Originators will select the
priority appropriate for each incident in accordance with its
apparent importance and intelligence.  Reports will be concerned
with a single incident.  A preliminary report will be forwarded 
immediately by signal to CANAIRDEF COC/INTELLIGENCE, and will
be confirmed and elaborated upon by a written report forwarded
within three days, in duplicate, to the AOC, ADC HQ, Attn: CIO.

7.	The symbol FLYOBRPT will appear at the beginning of
the text of the signal and as the subject of follow-up reports
to facilitate identification.  Initial reports should not be
classified unless inclusion of date required by the attached
pro forma mandates a higher classification in the opinion of the

8.	Attachment 1 is an outline of the information required
on a preliminary unidentified flying object report, and Attach-
ment 2 is an example of such a report.  Attachement 3 is an example
of a written follow-up report.  Written reports will expand on
the points enumerated in the outline, and photographs, sketches
and sighned narrative statements of observors should be appended.
Statments should be recorded in as great detail as possible
with particular attention given to time, angles of observation
and flight paths or locations.  The angles of observations,
locations, flight paths, etc., should be drawn on aeronautical
charts or maps.  Written reports should not be classified higher
than "RESTRICTED" unless inclusion of date required by the 
attached pro forma mandates a higher classification in the 
opinion of the originator.

9.	Attachment 4 is a questionnaire to be used in inter-
viewing witnesses of incidents.  It is designed for use in
reports involving military or civilian witnesses and, when
appropriate, may be mailed to witnesses for completion and
return to the Station Intelligence Officer, after which it
should be forwarded to this Headquarters. This form is intended
as a guide and its use and submission by SIOs is not manditory.

10.	In the event any actual or suspected items of material
pertinent to any unidentified flying object incident comes
into the possession of any ADC Unit, Station Intelligence
Officers will safeguard the material to prevent any defacing
or alteration which would reduce its value for technical analysis,
and will notify CANAIRDEF COC/INTELLIGENCE. Shipping instructions
or other special instuctions will then be furnished by this

                                    (GC Campbell) S/L,
	                             for AOC, ADC HQ

Copyright 1997 Joseph Daniels, All Rights Reserved