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X-FILE No. C006
REF: Reel T-3291 Record Group 24 Vol 17984 HQC-940-105 Part 1
Due to a drastic rise in the number of UFOs being reported, the Air Force sends out letter to all stations with new instructions for reporting UFOs that supersedes previous procedures from November 3, 1950. Air Force Personnel are not to discuss any UFO investigations. Any questions from the Press or Public are to be answered with the pat answer that "all unusual occurances are investigated" and that "no conclusions have been drawn", - the Air Force cover-up begins.

                                  St. Hubert PQ  11 Apr 53

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Sightings - Unidentified Flying Objects

1.	This letter supersedes letter, this Headquarters, file
S66-3-1(GpIO), dated 3 Nov 50, subject: Sightings - Unkown 
Flying Objects.

2.	Reports on unidentified flying objects ("flying saucers")
are being received at this Headquarters in numbers that indicate
the need for a review of the policy of Air Defence Command on
this subject and the establishment of a new standarized procedure
for reporting.  This instruction sets forth ADC responsibility
and reporting procedure for information pertaining to unidentified
flying objects.  All incidents observed by ADC personnel or
received at ADC units from military or civilian sources will be
reported in accordance with this instruction.  This letter is
intended to serve as an interim measure pending publication of
an ASI on this subject.

3.	Unidentified flying objects, as used in this instruction,
are defined as any airborne object which by performance, aero-
dynamic characteristics or unusual features, do not conform to 
any presently known aircraft or missile type.

4.	One lesson learned from USAF studies on this subject is
that the incidence of "sightings" of unidentified flying objects
always increases tremendously immediately after any publicity has
been given to any sightings or investigations, resulting in a 
flood of worthless reports from persons seeking personal publicity
or merely "seeing things".  We are most anxious, therefore, not 
to have any publicity given this subject.  In answer to any in-
quiries by the press concerning the RCAF's assessment of any part-
icular incident, or the existence of "flying saucers" generally,
it should be stated that ALL unusual occurrences are investigated
as a matter of routine, and that, as far as is known, no conclusions
have been drawn from past investigations.  Reports should not be 
solicited from the general public, but these instructions are not
intended to preclude efforts to obtain detailed information from
reputable observers of such phenomena.

5.	Investigations are to be conducted by the Station or Unit
Intelligence Officer or, in the event of his absence or non-
availability, by a person designated by the Station Commander.
The requirements for this information will be made known to persons
likely to be in a position to observe unidentified flying objects
and to render accurate reports, such as air crews and control
tower personnel.
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