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X-FILE #B083
REF: Reel T-3291 Record Group 24 Vol 17988 HQC-940-5 Part 2
This is 2nd page of new orders to air force to report fireballs and meteorites.

               E  Luminosity (brightest compared to planets or moon
                  and occurance cast by shadows cast by nearby objects,
                  if any). 
               F  Colour (distringuish between colout of fireball and
                  any persistent train or trail after passage of
               G  Form (size in relation to moon and shape)
               H  Duration (both of fireball in motion and persistent
                  train or trail in the sky).
               J  Sounds (description of sound and time interval be-
                  tween sighting the fireball and hearing the sound).
               K  Position in sky (position of beginning and end of
                  fireball path, both azimuth and elevation).
               L  Any other unusual observations.

     7         In addition to the report to AFHQ, an information copy
     shall be transmitted by deferred precedence to the regional repre-
     sentative in the area of the sighting.  The regional addresses are
     as follows.

               Maritimes        - Rev. M. W. Burke-Gaffney, St.
                                  Mary's University
                                  Halifax, N.S.
               Quebec           - Mr. Wm.A. Warren, 30 52nd Avenue,
                                  Lachine, P.Q.
               Ontario          - Royal Astronomical Society of Canada,
                                  252 College St., Toronto 2B, Ont.
               Manitoba         - Prof. H.D.B. Wilson,
                                  University of Manitoba,
                                  Winnipeg, Man.
               Saskatchewan     - Mr. John V. Hodges,
                                  1554 Elephinatine Street,
                                  Regina, Sask.
               Alberta          - Prof. R.E. Folinabee,
                                  University of Alberta,
                                  Edmonton, Alta.
               British Columbia - Dr. W.F. Slawson, 
                                  University of British Columbia,
                                  Vancouver, B.C.

                                                   HQ 004-74/42(DPA)

Copyright 1997 Joseph Daniels, All Rights Reserved