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X-FILE No. B078
DATE: Tuesday, January 14, 1964
REF: Micro-Film Reel T-3291, Department of National Defence,
Intelligence Sighting of Unknown Objects, Record Group 24 Vol 17984 HQC-940-5 Part 2
Julian J. A. Hennessey was born in Scotland in 1946. As a British UFO investigator living in London, England, he was Chairman of the European Sub-Committee for NICAP and a member of LUFORO, which later became BUFORA, and a member of the "Fleet Street UFO Study Group". He's worked with noted ufologists J. Allen Hynek (CUFOS), Don Berliner, Sir Eric Bullus and Sir John Langford-Holt. Julian was fond of writing to governments requesting information on UFOs. Here is his letter to the Royal Canadian Air Force asking for such information and for an official statement in 1964.

Official Thanks to Joe McGonagle of Ufology-UK for information on Hennessey.
                                                                  10 Manson Place,
                                                                  South Kensington,
                                                                  LONDON, S.W.7
    ??? 4200
                                                14th January 1964.
    Dear Sir,
                             UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS.
            With reference to the above subject, I am writing this letter to
    you in the hope that you may be able to furnish me with some information.
            As you already know America has a UFO-investigating programme under
    the name Project Blue Book, so also has several other countries. Could you
    supply me with the name and address of the Canadian project for
    investigating UFOs, so that could contact them for further information. May
    I also have an official statement regarding the views and policy of your
    Government regarding UFOs.
            May I assure you that as this survey is a private one, any information
    which you may care to supply me with will be treated confidentially.
            Could you please acknoledge receipt of this letter.
                                        Your sincerely,
                                         - signed -
                                        J. A. Hennessey.
    Canadian Air Member,
    3841 Grosvenor Street,
    LONDON, W.1.

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