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X-FILE No. B076
DATE: February 7, 1964
REF: Micro-Film Reel T-3291, Department of National Defence,
Intelligence Sighting of Unknown Objects, Record Group 24 Vol 17984 HQC-940-5 Part 2
British UFO investigator Julian Hennessey writes a letter to RCAF requesting information about UFOs. E.L. Howey of Air Force Intelligence requests that the Air Force Public Relations Department reply to Hennessey.

Hennessey was Chairman of the European Sub-Committee for NICAP and a member of LUFORO/BUFORA, and a member of the "Fleet Street UFO Study Group". He's worked with noted ufologists J. Allen Hynek (CUFOS), Don Berliner, Sir Eric Bullus and Sir John Langford-Holt.

Official Thanks to Joe McGonagle of Ufology-UK for information on Hennessey.
    MIN (3)   |
              | DPR
              | 1.       Reference is made to the letter from Mr.
              | J. A. Hennessey of London, England re UFOs.  From
              | past experience, I know that DPR has handled similar
              | inquiries to the satisfaction of all concerned.
              | Because in this particular instance neither intelligence
              | nor implimentation of UFO policy is involved, we would
              | prefer to get the correspondence out of intelligence
              | channels.  It would be greatly appreciated if DPR
              | would provide the desired reply, and fulfil the
              | Request of CplansI in MIN (2).  For your information
              | neither DAI nor the NNRHQ Intelligence agency is
              | familiar with "Project Blue Book".
              |                              - signed -
              |                             (EL Howey) W/C
              |                                for DAI
              | 7 Feb 64
    MIN (4)   | OPS
              |  Pls prepare reply
              |           - signed-
              |          JA Connolly S/L
              |             of DPR
              |      10 Feb
    DND 317   |

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