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X-FILE No. B039
REF: Reel T-3291 Record Group 24 Vol 17984 HQC-940-5 Part 2
Multiple people witness a UFO explosion/crash on Friday, November 2, 1962 in Alexis Creek, British Columbia.

         11.    Statments taken during the course of this investig-
         ation attached hereto. One copy of each of these statements
         were handed to F/Lt.M.FILYK for the information of the RCAF.

         12.    From the information gathered from the various eye-
         witnesses to the U.F.O. it is my opinion that this was not
         a meteor, but rather some type of craft which is under power
         and controlled. Capt. R.E.BARNES, U.S.A.F. cheif pilot at
         Puntzi Mountain Air Base, during the early stages of this
         investigation advanced the theory that this object could have
         been a booster rocket off a missile. However, from all the
         conjecture there is in this matter, nothing definite is known
         regarding this U.F.O. which passed over this area, and unless
         F/Lt.FILYK is able to come up with any enlightening information
         in his subsequent investigation, it is thought it will remain
         a mystery.

         13.    The chaff dispenser tank which was located on Skinner
         Mountain was made the subject of exhibit report on form C.246,
         Detachment exhibit report No. 62/24. Dispenser was turned over
         to F/Lt.FILYK and receipt obtained for same, attached hereto.

         14.    Due to the great number of hours spent in this invest-
         igation to date, and the very remoted possibility of any
         further valuable information coming to hand, this investigation
         is being discontinued at this point, but will be re-opened
         should any valuable information be received.

         15.    Telex messages K3658 - K3681 - PG4519 - E10863 - K3700
         and K3902 refer.

         OC "E" DIV RCMP                         [Signed]
         FORWARDED 21-11-62 in four copies   (P.J.Humphreys) #16856,
         together with statments and        i/c Alexis Creek Detach.
         correspondence received from the
         Officer Commanding RCAF Station, Kamloops, together with
         photographs of the container in question and sample of the
         material (chaff) contained therein.
         2.  Our investigation in this respect is quite extensive in
         view of the alarm which the people in the Alexis Creek area
         experenced after the initial sighting and result of the ex-
         plosion. Our CFMPR from Pr. George was utilized during the
         investigation without marked result.
         3.  A sample of the contents of the container (chaff) is being
         forwarded to our Crime Det. Lab. Regina for analysis as the
         material cannot be identified at this time.
         4.  Our file in this respect will remain open pending the
         report from the CDL Regina.

                                         J. B. Harris, Supt.
                                         O.C. Kamloops S/D 
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