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X-FILE No. B038
REF: Reel T-3291 Record Group 24 Vol 17984 HQC-940-5 Part 2
Many report an exploding UFO and crash in Alexis Creek, British Columbia on Friday, November 2, 1962.

         6.     The U.S.A.F. at Puntzi Mountain Air Base were contacted
         in this regard to ascertain in any aircraft were in the vis-
         inity on 2-11-62. They report no aircraft reported or picked
         up on radar. They also reported that R.C.A.F., U.S.A.F. Sector
         Command at McCORD Feild and Rescue Coordination Center at
         Vancouver report no aircraft in area. Major R.A.WIGEN, Comm-
         anding Officer, Puntzi Mountain Air Base advised me, that after
         talking with Wing Commander D.BIDEN, Mount Lollo Radar Base,
         Kamloops they are under the impression that the object sighted
         was a meteor, and this was the reason it was not picked up on

         7.     Dr.W.F.SLAWSON, Institute of Earth Scientests, U.B.C.,
         Vancouver contacted this office and stated from the information
         passed to him by the R.C.A.F. this object was thought to be a
         meteor. Dr.SLAWSON came to this area on 11-11-62 and spoke to
         the various eye witnesses but due to weather conditions he and
         his staff were unable to conduct a search.

         8.     On 9-11-62 while in the Skinner Mountain area on other
         police duties, two hunters, [    CENSORED    ] and [CENSORED]
         [  CENSORED  ], Victoria B.C. told me that they had seen a
         cone object on Skinner Mountain on Monday, November 5th, 1962
         while hunting. As they did not know what it was, they left it
         by a tree. After the other Police duties had been completed,
         the [CENSORED] brothers accompanied me to the area. After con-
         siderable searching same was found. This object was cone shaped
         aluminum construction, 13 inches at thick end, tapering down
         to two inches and 36 inches in lenght. Same had not been in
         the area very long as there was no mark left on the ground
         it most certianly would have left a mark if it had been there
         for any length of time. This item brought to the Alexis Creek
         Detachment Office.

         9.     At the first opportunity, this object, which appeared
         to be some type of a tank from an aircraft, was shown to Major
         WIGEN, Capt. W.BROWN, U.S.A.F. and Flying Officer DOBIE, RCAF,
         all of Puntzi Mountain Air Base. They stated is was a chaff
         dispenser and they would make enquiries as to its source. On
         13-11-62, Major WIGEN advised this office their enquiries show
         this tank and three other tanks had been jettisoned from a
         CF100 aircraft out of Comox Air Base, on 4-11-62.

         10.    On Wednesday, November 14th, 1962 F/Lt.M.FILYK, RCAF
         Mount Lollo Radar Base, Kamloops arrived this Detachment to
         pursue this investigation. F/Lt.FILYK interviewed witnesses
         and on Friday, November 16th, 1962 he contacted Comox Air Base.
         At this time F/Lt.FILYK was advised that no tanks had been
         jettisoned over this area, nor anywhere else, and from the
         description of the tank did not appear to be a tank similar to
         the type used on Canadian aircraft. The only thing the RCAF had
         jettisoned was some fuel over their dumping grounds at Comox.
         As it is not known here where Major WIGEN or Capt. BROWN got
         their information, F/Lt.FILYK stated he would make further
         enquiries in this regard when he returned to Kamloops.
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