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X-FILE No. B037
REF: Reel T-3291 Record Group 24 Vol 17984 HQC-940-5 Part 2
Many witness a UFO explode over Alexis Creek, British Columbia on Friday November 2, 1962.

                        ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE

               Division File No. 62                 Code No. 0172
         KAMLOOPS, BRITISH COLUMBIA                 ALEXIS CREEK  18-11-62
         UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT - Sighted Chilcotin District, B.C.
         2-11-62.  UNORG.
         1.     On Friday, November 2nd, 1962 at 3:00 P.M. Mrs. [CENSORED]
         [ CENSORED ], who resides 8 miles West of Alexis Creek, advised
         this office that she had just witnessed an object in the sky
         travelling at a very fast rate of speed and shortly after 
         passing over, a loud explosion was heard. Her carpenter,
         [ CENSORED ] also got a glimpse of this object and heard the 

         2.     As members of this Detachment were absent at the time
         on other duties, Mrs. [CENSORED] was contacted again and story
         verified. It was also learned that most residents of the
         Chilcotin area heard the explosion, and several others saw
         the object. As the description of the object did not appear
         to be that of an aeroplane, the same was reported to Kamloops
         Sub-Division N.C.O. who ordered that a full investigation be
         made of the incident.

         3.     [CENSORED] and [CENSORED], employees of the Dept. of
         Highways, working on the Chilcotin Highway, 22 miles east of
         Alexis Creek saw this object and later heard the explosion.
         [   CENSORED    ], rancher of the Chezacut was standing on
         his hay stack, when he heard an explosion. He looked around
         for the cause of the explosion, and saw a bright light on the
         mountains by Tatlayoko Lake. This light burned for approximately
         ten minutes and disappeared gradually. Patrol made to this
         area where it was ascertained that this light was bearing
         182 degrees from Mr. [ CENSORED ] residence. On 6-11-62, search
         made of the NUIT Mountain Range via Police Aircraft, CF-MPR
         with negative results. From area described by [  CENSORED  ]
         this light would have been at an elevation of 8,000 to 9,000
         feet, requiring a height of 10,000 feet to make a proper
         search. Due to weather conditions on 6-11-62, this was imposs-
         ible to do with CF-MPR. There was also a fresh fall of snow
         in the area.

         4.     [ CENSORED ], past resident of this area, was visiting
         with one, [ CENSORED ]. They were standing outside talking
         when [CENSORED] observed an object travelling fast, about 400 yds
         high. Same disappeared behind a tree and did not see it again.

         5.    Mrs. [  CENSORED  ], Tatla Lake was horseback riding
         in the area east of Tatla Lake Community. She saw an object,
         very high with a bright light, travelling approximately
         southwest to northeast, and did not appear to be travelling
         very fast. She compared the bright light she saw, with a
         welding light, without the blueness. Object did not appear to
         be changing course or losing or gaining altitude. Object did
         appear to be dropping various size pieces from the back of it
         and did not make any noise until 2 or 3 minutes after it had
         passed and then there was a series of explosions.

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