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               NON-METEORITIC/UFO SIGHTINGS for 1969 (RG77v306)
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               UFO PORT ARTHUR, THUNDERBAY, ONT JAN 3/69 (85)
S088 03-JAN-69 UF0, Fort William, Thunderbay, Ontario
S089 03-JAN-69 (Page two of above)
S090 17-MAR-69 LTR: BW Burridge, Port Arthur, Ontario
S091 20-MAR-69 LTR: HET Doucet, Minister National Defence
               TO: BW Burridge
               RE: Ack receipt of letter, forwarded to Millman, NRC
S092 20-MAR-69 Forwarded from Minister to Dr. Peter Millman (NRC)
S093 25-MAR-69 Peter Millman NRC TO: BW Burridge, Port Arthur, Ontario
               RE: "You probably saw, planes, balloons and Venus"

               UFO CRASH, RADIUM/HOT-SPRINGS, BC MAR 11/69 (86)
S094 11-MAR-69 UFO Crash with Smoke, Radium/Hot-Springs, BC
S095 18-MAR-69 Search & Rescue concluded with negative result
S096 18-MAR-69 (Copy of Above)
S097 11-MAR-69 (Copy of #S094 above)
S098 18-JUL-69 RCMP RPT: UFO Crash, Radium Hot Springs Mar 11/69

               PARRE LETTER, RED UFO, MONTREAL QUE, MAR 15/69 (87)
S099 25-MAR-69 LTR TO:Cote St Laurent, Quebec
               RE: Letter dated Mar 16 forwarded to Dr. Millman
S100 16-MAR-69 Hand Translation from Y Parre, Coste St. Laurent, QUE
               RE: Bright Red UFO, Fabreville, Quebec
S101 16-MAR-69 Hand Letter (French) UFO, Fabreville, Quebec, MAR/15
S102 25-MAR-69 LTR: (French) from WJ Wilson, Telecommunication Bureau
               TO: Yves Parre, Cote St. Laurent
               RE: Ack receipt of letter and forwarded to Dr. Millman
S103 25-MAR-69 LTR: WJ Wilson, Telecommunications Bureau TO: Millman
               RE: Forwarding Parre letter to you
S104 28-MAR-69 LTR: P Millman, UAR TO: Parre
               RE: "Can't identify what you saw"
S105 28-MAR-69 (French Translation of Above Letter)

               ROUND RED/WHITE, FORT LIARD, NWT FEB 15/69 (88)
S106 15-FEB-69 TLX: Red/Orange/White, Round UFO, Fort Liard, NWT
S107 15-FEB-69 TLX: (Copy of Above)

               UFO, REGINA, SASK, APR 12/13 1969 (89)
S108 14-APR-69 (Page Two of Below)
S109 14-APR-69 TLX: UFO APR/12 & APR/13, Craven, SASK
S110 14-APR-69 TLX: (Copy of above)

               FLAT ROUND, ST JOHN RIVER, DOUGLAS, NB, APR 14/69 (90)
S111 14-APR-69 TLX: Flat Round, St. John River, Douglas, NB
S112 14-APR-69 (Copy of Above)
S113 14-APR-69 (Copy of Above)
S114 21-APR-69 RCMP RPT: UFO St. John River, Douglas, NB
S115 21-APR-69 (Page two of above report)

               TEACUP UFO, DND SIGHTING, OTTAWA, ONT, APR 22/69 (91)
S116 23-APR-69 Map of Hammond, Ottawa/Hull Area
S117 23-APR-69 LTR: McIntosh UAR, DND, Teacup UF0, Hammond, ONT APR/22
S118 27-APR-69 LTR: Art Bray TO: B. McIntosh UAR
               RE: UFO Sighting APR/22 Ottawa, ONT
S119 27-APR-69 (Page two of above letter)
S120 27-APR-69 Diagram of UF0
S121 27-APR-69 Two Diagrams of UF0
S122 27-APR-69 Note: Attached are sketches of Ottawa sighting APR/22

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