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               NON-METEORITIC/UFO SIGHTINGS for 1969 (RG77v306)
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               RED UFO, SIVER RING, SUDBURY, ONT, FEB 16/69 (62)
S032 16-FEB-69 Red with a Silver Ring, 2x size of moon, Lively, Ontario

               PALE UFO, NORTH BAY AIR PORT TOWER, ONT, FEB 15/69 (63)
S033 15-FEB-69 Pale White UFO, North Bay Air Port Tower, Otario

               TWO WHITE STEADY, WEST OTTAWA, ONT, FEB 18/69 (64)
S034 18-FEB-69 FBALL: 2 Steady White, West Ottawa, Ontario

               WHITE RED/BLUE, FALCONBRIDGE, ONT FEB 19/69 (65)
S035 19-FEB-69 White Red/Blue, 5xStar, 1hr, Falconbridge, Sudbury, Ontario

               METAL W 4 FINS, NORTHERN TELEPHON, QUEBEC MAR 11/69 (66)
S036 11-MAR-69 100' Metal Cyl UFO, North Tele Co. Lebe sur Quevillon, QUE

               ROUND BLUE-WHITE, DAWSON, YUKON FEB 17/69 (67)
S037 17-FEB-69 White/Blue like welding arc, Dawson, Yukon
S038 17-FEB-69 (Copy of above)

               WHITE STAR-LIKE, MACFARLAND LAKE, FEB 20/69 (68)
S039 20-FEB-69 White Star-like, MacFarland Lake, Ontario(?)

               ROTATING DISKS, FREDERICTON, NB FEB 23/69 (69)
S040 23-FEB-69 Rotating Discs, South Devon, Fredericton, New Brunswick
S041 23-FEB-69 (Copy of above)
S042 27-FEB-69 RCMP RPT: Plane Sized UFO Hovering, South Devon, NB
S043 27-FEB-69 (Page two of above report)
S044 27-FEB-69 (Page three of above report)
S045 18-MAR-69 LTR: Goodyear/Hurlow RCMP, Frederiction, NB
               Requesting investigation on reliability of witnesses

               RED/GREEN/YELLOW OVAL, SUDBURY ONT, FEB 26/69 (70)
S046 26-FEB-69 Red/Green/Yellow Oval, Sudbury, Ontario

               WHITE FLASHING RED/GREEN UFO, SUDBURY ONT, FEB 25/69 (71)    
S047 25-FEB-69 White Flashing Red/Green, Coniston, ON

S048 (NO DATE) Hand Note "Dr. Millman has report"
S049 28-FEB-69 LTR: PM Millman, Upper Atmosphere Research
               TO: GJ McMullen, Rexdale, ON
               RE: UFO report, Feb 20, probably star Sirius
S050 22-FEB-69 Hand Letter from McMullen, Engineered Aire, Rexdale, ON
               TO: Meteor Centre, NRC
               RE: UFO Sighting of Feb 20/69
S051 22-FEB-69 (Page two of above hand letter)

               ROCKET UFO, VANCOUVER, BC, FEB 27/69 (73)
SO52 27-FEB-69 TLX: Rocket UFO, Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, BC
S053 21-APR-69 RCMP RPT: Mr. Bradley UFO Report, Grouse Mountain, BC

               METAL CIGAR UFO, GOLDEN, BC, JAN/69 (74)
S054 03-FEB-69 (pg 3 of below) Silver Cigar, Willow Bank Mountain
S055 03-FEB-69 (pg 2 of below) Two Bright White Lights
S056 03-FEB-69 RCMP RPT: Two UFOS, Golden BC, JAN 22
S057 18-FEB-69 RCMP Trans Reqest, From Co E, File 69E700-6, HQ-400-Q-5

               TRIANGLE HOVERING UFO, ONSLOW, COL CO, NS, FEB 21/69 (75)
S058 21-FEB-69 Triagle w Long Nose, Blue-White Light, Hovered, Onslow, NS 
S059 21-FEB-69 (Copy of above)
S060 07-MAR-69 RCMP RPT: Triangle UFO, Onslow, Colchester County, NS

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