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               NON-METEORITIC/UFO SIGHTINGS for 1968 (RG77v306)
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M041 14-OCT-68 White Ball w Square Windows, Kimberly, BC
M042 14-OCT-68 (copy of above)

M043 09-OCT-68 Pink/White 40x20 foot UFO, Montreal, Quebec

M044 08-OCT-68 Cherry Red UFO, Sudbury, ON

M045 02-OCT-68 LTR: DW Golding (Canadian UFO Research), Oshawa, ON
               RE: Two UFOs in Fall of 1967, UFOs & Great Blackout
M046 02-OCT-68 (page two of above) Hand letter
M047 02-OCT-68 (page three of above)

M048 15-OCT-68 UFO, Brodsky Construction, Pipe Lake, MAN

M049 17-OCT-68 Red/Green UFO, Wanup, Hellen Lake, Sudbury, ON
M050 17-OCT-68 Red/White/Blue UFO, New Sudbury, ON

M051 22-OCT-68 "V" formation, North Botha, ALB

M052 31-OCT-68 TLX: Balsa & plastic bags balloons, Victoria, BC
M053 31-OCT-68 100 foot UFO lands, Cranbrook, BC
M054 31-OCT-68 TLX: Balsa & Bag balloons, Victoria, BC
M055 31-OCT-68 100 foot cigar UFO lands, Cranbrook, BC
M056 31-OCT-68 (page one of above)

M057 ??-???-?? LTR: RG Chamberlain TO: Leo Sprinkle
               RE: UFO La Salle, Lake Erie, ON, 30-OCT-68
M058 05-DEC-68 LTR: PM Millman TO: RG Chamberlain
               RE: Thanks for Sprinkle's Analysis
M059 30-OCT-68 LTR: RG Chamberlain
               RE: Two UFOs, LaSalle ON, 29-SEP-68
               RE: Large Disc, Detroit Airport, 30-OCT-68
M060 03-NOV-68 Hovering Light, Killaloe, Douglas, Eganville, ON
M061 12-NOV-68 (page two of below)

M062 12-NOV-68 Oval Light, Barons, ALB
M063 13-NOV-68 TLX: What was date of Barons Sighting?
M064 12-NOV-68 Oval Light, Barons, ALB
M065 12-NOV-68 (copy of above)

M066 14-NOV-68 Six Large Metallic Saucers, Lannigan, SASK

M067 16-NOV-68 Yellow Circular Disc, Fort Vermillion, ALB
M068 14-NOV-68 Green/Red UFO, Rocky Mountain House, ALB 
M069 14-NOV-68 (copy of above)
M070 14-NOV-68 (copy of above)

M071 20-NOV-68 Star-like UFO, Nashwaaksis York Co, Fredriction, NB
M072 20-NOV-68 (copy of above)

M073 20-NOV-68 Aluminum Inverted Saucer 15 foot, Peace River, ALB

M074 20-NOV-68 Blue/White Oblong,CFS Chibougamau, QUE

M075 21-NOV-68 TreeTop Dome, Lake Nossbonsing, ON

M076 21-NOV-68 Round with layered lights, Morin Heights, QUE

M077 24-NOV-68 White Elliptical Pieces Fell, DWP Fireman, Yukon

M078 22-NOV-68 Up/Down, Zig-Zag White Star, North Bay, ON
M079 22-NOV-68 (copy of above)

M080 23-NOV-69 Two Yellow lights revolving, Montreal, QUE

M081 26-NOV-68 White, red edges oval, SASK

M082 27-NOV-68 White, red flicking edges, School Princ., Caron Port, SASK
M083 27-NOV-68 (Copy of above) followed with car
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