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National Research Council (NRC)
Non-Meteoritic Sighting (UFO's) 1968

Record Group 77, Volume #306, UAR/N68, 001-058 T1741
Copyright 1997 Joseph Daniels (


I00A ??-???-?? RG 77, Volume 306, File/Dossier UAR/N68 001-058
               U.A.R./N68 File No. 001-058

I000 11-JAN-68 TELEX: Blue/Green Cigar Shaped, Radar Station
               Val Caron, Capreol, Sudbury, ON
I001 03-JAN-68 TLX: Red Burst, Minnow Lake
I002 03-JAN-68 TLX: Red Burst, Buzzing, Minnow Lake
I003 16-JAN-68 TLX: Yellow Star Zig-Zag, Halifax, NS, 
I004 31-DEC-67 Hand Report, Red/Blue Hovering, Middlefield, NS
I005 31-DEC-67 (pg 2 of above) Diagram
I006 31-DEC-67 (pg 3 of above) Small Diagram
I007 31-DEC-67 (pg 4 of above) Notes
I008 07-JAN-68 TLX: Orange/Blue Sun-Sized, Cornwallis River, Kentville, NS
I009 22-JAN-68 TLX: UFO Hovered 4' from ground, Claresholm, Alberta
I010 28-JAN-68 TLX: Whale-Shape, Zig-Zag, Charlotte City, BC
I011 28-JAN-68 TLX: 4-pointed UFO, Barriere, BC
I012 31-JAN-68 TLX: Green/Blue/Red UFO 2.5 hrs, Rosemare, Quebec

I013 04-FEB-68 TLX: 30 foot Cigar Shape, Mackenzie River, Fort Norman, NWT
I014 09-FEB-68 2 Newsclips, 16 foot UFO, Deep River, Petawawa, ON
I015 08-FEB-68 4 Police view UFO, Eganville, Wilmo, ON
I016 14-FEB-68 Round UFO 20 feet off ground, Fort Norman, NWT
I017 18-FEB-68 Round star, Gilles Bay, Texada Island, BC

I018 08-MAR-68 TLX: Yellow UFO with Truck sound, Brighton, ON 
I019 08-MAR-68 (copy of above)
I020 08-MAR-68 (copy of above)
I021 14-MAR-68 LTR: Multi-witness UFO, Trenton, Belleville, ON
I022 14-MAR-68 (envelope for above)
I023 16-FEB-68 LTR: White Saucer, Windsor, ON
I024 05-MAR-68 FROM: HRM Paterson Major TO: Chief Defence Staff
               RE: Attached letter in accordance with CFAO 71-6
I025 13-MAR-68 Hand LTR: Orange UFO, Deseronto, Belleville, Napanee, ON 
I026 13-MAR-68 (pg two of above)
I027 25-MAR-68 TLX: 3 UFOs, Hydro Station, Garson, Sudbury, ON
I028 24-MAR-68 TLX: Orange UFO lands, Kamloops, BC 
I029 27-MAR-68 TLX: Oragne UFO lands, Kamloops, BC
I030 25-MAR-68 TLX: Cone w flat-top UFO, Telegraph Creek, BC
I031 27-MAR-68 TLX: Cone & Pencil-shaped UFO, Telegraph Creek, BC

               COREY UFO PHOTOS, NANAIMO, BC, 9-OCT-67, 21-NOV-67
I032 22-MAR-68 LTR: Peter Millman (NRC) TO: AF McQuarrie DOT
               RE: Corey's UFO Photos or 11-MAR-68, Nanaimo, BC
I033 28-MAR-68 LTR: PM Millman, NRC TO: MW Corey, Nanaimo, BC
               RE: UFO film, 11-MAR-68
I034 28-MAR-68 (pg two of above)
I035 14-MAR-68 LTR: AF McQuarrie, Officer in Charge TO: PM Millman, NRC
               RE: UFO & Photo, Mr. Corey, Nanaimo, BC
I036 14-MAR-68 (Two drawings for above)
I037 14-MAR-68 (Third drawing for above)
I038 11-MAR-68 LTR: M Corey TO: AF McQuarrie RE: UFO 9-OCT-67 & 21-NOV-67 
I039 20-JAN-68 NOTE: regarding film
I040 ??-???-?? (Black)

I041 02-APR-68 LTR: P Millman, NRC TO: RG Chamberlain
               RE: UFO debris 26-MAR-68, US project Blue Book
I042 26-MAR-68 LTR: RG Chamberlain TO: NRC
               RE: Saucer 24-MAR-68, Lincoln Park, Mi
I043 26-MAR-68 (pg two of above)

I044 01-APR-68 TLX: UFO Hoax? CFB Penhold, Red Deer, Alberta
I045 29-MAR-69 MSG: UFO, CFB Penhold, Red Deer, Alberta
I046 27-MAR-68 TLX: UFO Ground Impression, Red Deer, Alberta
I047 17-APR-68 LTR: P Millman, NRC TO: Captain SB Goddart, CFB Penhold
               RE: UFO Hoax, Hansen Farm, Alberta

I048 04-APR-68 TLX: UFO with Spokes, New Westminster, Burnaby, BC
I049 01-APR-68 TLX: Zig-Zag Lights, Lynn Lake, MAN
I050 16-MAR-68 TLX: 50 foot UFO, Burnaby, BC 
I051 31-MAR-68 TLX: Elliptical UFO, New Germany, NS
I052 04-APR-68 LTR: TO: NRC RE: UFO, Dearborn, Mich 2-APR-68
I053 23-APR-68 TLX: Round UFO, Sudbury, ON
I054 27-APR-68 TLX: Three UFOs, Rossland, BC
I055 27-APR-68 TLX: Three UFOs, Rossland, BC
I056 30-APR-68 TLX: Orange/Yellow & White UFO, Winnipeg, MAN
I057 28-APR-69 LTR: RG Chamberlain RE: UFO Lincoln Park, Mich

I058 06-MAY-68 TLX: White Dot UFO, Winnipeg, MAN
I059 09-MAY-68 TLX: RCMP NAN RE: We do not pass on UFO reports 
I060 08-MAY-68 TLX: Silver Diamond-shaped UFO, Victoria, BC
I061 08-MAY-68 TLX: (Same as above)
I062 11-MAY-68 TLX: Amber Oval UFO, Richmond, BC
I063 15-MAY-68 TLX: 2 White UFOs, Kamsack, SASK
I064 30-APR-68 TLX: Fast UFO, CFB Winnipeg, MAN
I065 24-MAY-68 TLX: Silver Round-Flat Rotating with lights, Winnipeg, MAN

I066 03-JUN-68 TLX: White/Yellow Ball Tree-Top, Yorkton, SASK 
I067 17-JUN-68 TLX: Silver UFO, Winnipeg, MAN
I068 18-JUN-68 TLX: Alderman Red UFO, Scarborough Heights, Toronto, ON
I069 21-JUN-68 TLX: Oblong Green UFO, Humboldt, Saskatoon, SASK
I070 24-JUN-68 TLX: Green Aircraft-sized UFO, Truro, NS
I071 27-JUN-68 TLX: White Oval UFO, Chibougamau Prov Park, BC
I072 22-JUN-68 NOTE: White Globe, RG Chamberlain, Detroit, Michigan
I073 30-JUN-68 NOTE: Silver Disk, RG Chamberlain, Mesick, Michigan

I074 08-JUL-68 LTR: Exploding UFO, MR Champagne, 6-JUL-68
I075 03-JUL-68 TLX: Bright UFO w sparks, Elmira, Kitchener, Toronto, ON
I076 03-JUL-68 TLX: (Same as above)
I077 03-JUL-68 TLX: (Same as above)
I078 20-JUN-68 LTR: UFO, "no green men", Frobisher Bay, NWT
I079 08-JUL-68 LTR: Egg-Shaped UFO, Shediac West Co, NB
I080 08-JUL-68 TLX: Egg-Shaped UFO, Moncton, Fredericton, NB
I081 08-JUL-68 TLX: (copy of above)

I082 21-AUG-68 LTR: UFO Crash & Fire, North Sydney, NS, 12-JUL-68
I083 21-AUG-68 LTR: (pg two of above) 
I084 21-AUG-68 LTR: Forwarding of UFO report North Sydney, NS
I085 13-JUL-68 TLX: UFO report, Sydney Mines, NS, 12-JUL-68
I086 13-JUL-68 TLX: UFO report, North Sydney, NS, 12-JUL-68

I087 16-JUL-68 TLX: Wht/Yel-Red UFO, CYEG International Control Tower, ON
I088 12-JUL-68 TLX: 50 foot UFO with lights, Copper Cliff, Sudbury, ON
I089 16-JUL-68 TLX: Disintegrating UFO, Yellowknife, NWT
I090 16-JUL-68 TLX: (Copy of above)


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