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National Research Council (NRC)
Non-Meteoritic Sighting (UFO's) 1966

Record Group 77, Volume #306, UAR/N66, 001-074 T1741
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G00A ??-???-?? RG 77, Volume 306, File/Dossier UAR/N66 001-074

G000 04-JAN-66 TELEX: Bright UFO Lachine, PQ
G001 05-JAN-66 Report, 200 foot UFO, New Ross, NS

G002 10-MAR-66 TLX: Small UFO, Northern Heights, Sudbury, ON
G003 11-MAR-66 TLX: White UFO, Kamloops, BC
G004 17-MAR-66 TLX: Red & Green UFO, Burquitlam, BC
G005 31-MAR-66 TLX: Saucer, Malton, Lake Ontario, ON 
G006 27-MAR-66 TLX: UFO, West End Vancouver, BC
G007 28-MAR-66 TLX: UFO, Montreal, PQ
G008 28-MAR-66 TLX: Saucer, Toronto, ON
G009 30-MAR-66 TLX: Red & Green UFO, St. Croydon, PQ
G010 30-MAR-66 TLX: Egg-shaped UFO, Azilda, Sudbury, ON

G011 05-APR-66 TLX: Cylinder UFO, Montreal, PQ
G012 05-ARP-66 TLX: Orange UFO, St. Dominic, Dant, Montreal, PQ
G013 05-APR-66 TLX: Orange/Red UFO, Montreal, PQ
G014 05-APR-66 TLX: Orange/Red UFO, Sacre Coeur, Fluery, Montreal, PQ
G015 05-APR-66 TLX: Reddish UFO, Canada Forces Base, St. Hubert, PQ
G016 05-APR-66 TLX: (pg 2 of above)
G017 07-APR-66 TLX: 2 white UFOs, Comox Control Tower, BC
G018 12-APR-66 TLX: Hovering UFO, New Brunswick
G019 21-APR-66 TLX: UFO, Ocean Park, BC

G020 08-MAY-66 TLX: UFO, Invermay, Sask
G021 28-MAY-66 Fireball Report, Legislature Area, Winnipeg, Man
G022 28-MAY-66 (pg 2 of the above) Diagram
G023 26-MAY-66 (pg 2 of the below)
G024 26-MAY-66 TLX: UFO, Vancouver, BC
G025 24-MAY-66 TLX: Bowl-Shaped UFO Landing, Blue River, Jasper, Alberta
G026 23-MAY-66 TLX: 2 UFOs, Lachine, PQ
G027 27-MAY-66 Fball Rep, Garden City, Winnipeg, Man
G028 31-MAY-66 TLX: (pg 2 of Below)
G029 31-MAY-66 TLX: UFO, Hollyburn Mountain, Vancouver, BC

G030 10-JUN-66 TLX: (pg 2 of the Below)
G031 10-JUN-66 TLX: Photographed UFO, Pagwa, Thunder Bay, ON
G032 21-JUN-66 TLX: UFO, debris recovered, Glace Bay, NS 
G033 23-JUN-66 TLX: Green & Neon White UFO, Lake Bouchard, West Monteal,PQ
G034 23-JUN-66 TLX: White UFO, Cote St. Luc, PQ

G035 18-JUL-66 TLX: Yellow UFO, Montreal, PQ
G036 20-JUL-66 TLX: Circular Silver UFO, Cochran, Timmins, ON
G037 21-JUL-66 TLX: Bright Transparent UFO, Hearst, ON
G038 25-JUL-66 TLX: Triangle/Cigar UFO, Halifax, NS 
G039 21-JUL-66 TLX: FBall Rep: Aluminum UFO, Penticton, BC
G040 22-JUL-66 TLX: Metallic Teardrop UFO, Moncton, NB
G041 22-JUL-66 TLX: Ball/Triangular UFO, Boisetown, Princess Park, NB
G042 28-JUL-66 TLX: Oval UFO, CFB Summerside, NS
G043 28-JUL-66 TLX: (Copy of the Above)
G044 30-JUL-66 TLX: RCAF: Metallic UFO, Richmond, BC

G045 ??-AUG-66 TLX: (Illegible)
G046 10-AUG-66 TLX: Two UFOs, RCMP Beaverlodge, Alberta
G047 08-AUG-66 TLX: Blue Dumbell UFO, Woodbine, Toronto, ON
G048 17-AUG-66 TLX: RCAF Pilot: Elongated Sphere UFO, Regina, Sask
G049 17-AUG-66 TLX: Blue-white/Orange UFO, Beaverlodge, Alberta
G050 22-AUG-66 TLX: Yellowish UFO, CFB Comox, BC
G051 30-AUG-66 TLX: OPP UFO sighting, Storemont County, ON

G052 19-SEP-66 TLX: Aluminum UFO, Riviere du Loup, NS 
G053 12-SEP-66 TLX: UFO, Toronto, ON
G054 20-SEP-66 TLX: Red/White/Blue UFO, Sudbury, ON
G055 23-SEP-66 TLX: White/Orange UFO, Sudbury, ON
G056 26-SEP-66 TLX: Round/Oval UFO, Hornpone, CNR Panorama, ON
G057 27-SEP-66 TLX: White/Green/Red UFO, Falconbridge, Sudbury, ON

G058 03-OCT-66 TLX: Red/White/Blue UFO, Falconbridge, ON
G059 ??-OCT-66 (Illegible)
G060 13-OCT-66 FBall Rep: Circular UFO, Vanderhoof, BC
G061 14-OCT-66 TLX: Blue UFO, Val Dor, Quebec
G062 17-OCT-66 TLX: Circular UFO, North Surrey, BC
G063 21-OCT-66 (pg 2 of below)
G064 21-OCT-66 TLX: Mult/wit UFO/Flames, Landis, Theodore, Yorkton, Sask 
G065 03-NOV-66 TLX: UFO, CFB Moose Jaw, Sask
G066 27-OCT-66 (pg 2 of Below)
G067 27-OCT-66 TLX: UFO Landing, Douglas, ON
G068 23-OCT-66 TLX: UFO, Montreal, Quebec
G069 19-OCT-66 Envelope, Dr. RS Rettie
G070 25-OCT-66 Handwritten letter: UFO, Douglas, ON
G071 25-OCT-66 (page two of above)
G072 25-OCT-66 (page three of above)

G073 04-NOV-66 TLX: UFO, Lachine, Quebec
G074 06-NOV-66 TLX: Red/White UFO, Bella Bella, BC
G075 15-NOV-66 TLX: 2 UFOs, Wingham, ON
G076 24-NOV-66 TLX: Small White UFO, Laval, Quebec
G077 21-NOV-66 TLX: Blue/White/Yellow/Red UFO, Goderich, ON
G078 20-NOV-66 TLX: Saucer UFO, North Vancouver, BC

G079 14-DEC-66 TLX: Blue UFO, Montreal, Quebec

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