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X-FILE No. A289
Microfilm T3291, Intelligence Sightings of Unknown Objects
Record Group 24, Volume 17984 HQC-940-5, Part 1
In September 1964 Signal Sargent Croell goes to GSO II Headquarters and shows them a newspaper article of silver flying saucers that his sister and others had witnessed in Swift Current, Saskatchewan on August 31, 1964. On Sunday, September 27, 1964 Major Douthwaite forwards her account along with a transcript of the newspaper article to Army Headquarters in Ottawa.

Much thanks to Barb Campbell of (NWSURC) for typing in this Document.

                                             HQ Western Command
                                             Kingsway Avenue
                                             EDMONTON, Alberta
                                             27 Sep 49
    Army Headquarters
    Ottawa, Ontario
                                                       C O P Y
                   Attention: DMI (MI O?S)
    1.        On 26 Sep 49, SP.40191 S/Sgt. CROELL, H.C., CALDER,
    NWT & Y, Signals System, visited GSO II (Int) Headquarters
    Western Command and brought with him a newspaper account of an
    incident which his sister had observed on 31 Aug 49 at SWIFT
    CURRENT, Saskatchewan. A copy of the newspaper account is
    enclosed, in addition to that information to added the following
              “My sister, Mrs Bellamy, a kindergarten teacher of
              SWIFT CURRENT wrote to me early in Sep 49 that she
              had seen FLYING SAUCERS in the vicinity of SWIFT
              CURRENT. My sister is 33 years of age, very level
              headed and a reliable person.
              Upon receiving her letter I asked her to give me a
              detailed report giving specific questions. In res-
              ponse to my request my sister wrote to me, which
              reads in essence.
              On the 31 Aug 49 at 3:00 P.M. I was walking eastward
              on CHAPLIN STREET, when I observed four objects in the
              sky in a NORTH EASTERLY direction from SWIFT CURRENT.
              These objects were flying in an EASTERLY direction.
              I called the attention of a truck driver (names of
              occupants see newspaper account) and the three occu-
              pants of the truck also saw the four objects flying
              in the sky.  All during that time I was accompanied
              by another woman who also observed the incident.
              I estimated that these objects were approximately ten
              miles away (?) and about 400 feet high (?).  They were
              flying in a haphazard fashion, weaving amongst them-
              selves but generally maintaining the same height and direc-
              tion. I did NOT estimate the speed but I was told later
              that the occupants in the truck drove for three blocks
              and were still observing these FLYING SAUCERS.  This
              should give some estimate of the duration of the incident.
              Just before the objects disappeared over the horizon one
              of them seemed to fall to the ground.  There was NO
              noise connected with that phenomenon, all objects seemed
              the same size and of a silvery colour, their shape was
              round, and NO smoke or fire was observed.”
    2.        In addition to this information Mrs. BELLAMY also mentioned
    that a Mrs. (CENSORED) and her son observed similar objects in the
    vicinity of SWIFT CURRENT between 3 and 4 o’clock, 28 Aug 49. Further
    an unidentified man reported a similar occurrence but did NOT state
    any time or place, except that it happened around SWIFT CURRENT.
    3.        Forwarded for information only.
                                         (C.R.R. Douthwaite) Major
                                          G-2 Int Western Command
    c.c. 060 II (Int)
         Prairie Command

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