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X-FILES Nos. A204/205
Sunday, November 15, 1957
Intelligence Sightings of Unkown Objects Reel T3291
Record Group 24 Volume 17984 HQC-940-5 Part 1

Father and son observe silver sphere hovering over farm just north of Tillsonburg which is located near the north shore of Lake Erie in the heart of Ontario's Tobacco Country. The UFO research station he mentions is in Shirley's Bay, Ontario and is run by the Department of Communication's Wilbur B. Smith.

Saturday, November 30, 1957
Department of National Defence
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Sirs:

Recently noticed a short article in newspaper on development of a small research laboratory being established somewhere North of Ottawa dealing with research on supposed flight of "saucers."

Article stated that any information on same would be appreciated, so wish to report sighting of a metallic sphere over my father's farm one and a half miles East of Mt. Elgin and one mile North. Mt. Elgin being eight miles North of Tillsonburg on #19 highway. This sighting took place on a Sunday, November fifteenth at ten-fifteen A.M. Circumstances were as follows:

A clear morning, wind at ground level approximately fifteen miles per hour and visibility, ten miles.

My Father has a Piper Cub and this particular morning, my brother-in-law [CENSORED] a licensed pilot and brother [CENSORED] were flying over farm at about eight hundred feet.

While my Father and I were observing the aircraft, which was making a circuit, we both sighted a metallic ball in the path of the aircraft, but at a much greater height, hovering motionless. After the aircraft had passed under the object several hundred yards, the object accelerated in an almost opposite direction to path of aircraft, which was flying North while object moved in approximately a south by south east direction. From hovering position the object accelerated so rapidly that in a space of time, about fifteen seconds it vanished completely without having traversed a distance of three to five hundred times its diameter.

In size from point of observation it appeared as large as a dime. As to the height I can only guess. I would say at least twenty thousand feet or better. It was at such a great height no noticeable details were detectable. It left no vapor trail. It was silver in colour, with a definite reflecting action.

There was only two of us that seen it (Dad & I.) The total time that we observed the sphere was only about one minute. I would appreciate it very much if this information enclosed would be kept confidential, that our names will not be disclosed or publicized.

Thank you,
Mt. Elgin, Ontario

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