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Sunday, August 17, 1958
Intelligence Sightings of Unkown Objects Reel T3291
Record Group 24 Volume 17984 HQC-940-5 Part 1

Insurance businessman and friend spot a UFO over Lake Erie while loading thier boat for early morning fishing trip. Morpeth is loacted on North Shore of Lake Erie east of Chatham and south of Ridgetown, Ontario.

Notary Public
Conveyencing, Insurance
Rodney, Ont.

August 21st, 1958

Department of National Defence
Ottawa, Canada.

Dear Sirs:

RE: Unidentified Flying Saucers

At the risk of seeming a little "off" I am writing to tell you of an incident which I witnessed with a friend on Sunday morning August 17th last. My friend, [CENSORED] of Rodney and myself arrived at Lake Erie at approximately 4:30 a.m. on Sunday morning to fish off the gas well docks just south of Morpeth.

We were sitting on the dock getting our fishing equipment ready. It was still quite dark and all the stars were visible in a clear sky. We were looking out across the Lake in a south easterly direction when at 4:45 a.m. d.s.t. a bright red flash appeared on the horizon rising directly up from the horizon.

In a few seconds the flash seemed to change to a brilliant white light, much brighter than any of the stars and was taking an erratic course but always going upward from the horizon.

We watched steadily (by this time we had almost forgotten about fishing) and the bright light continued, sometimes appearing to "twinkle" a bit but always rising steadily. By 5:45 when the sun was showing signs of rising it was almost at an angle of 45 degrees from the horizon and still climbing but getting smaller as if going away from us. By this time the stars were no longer visible but this object was still noticeable.

At the time we discussed the possibility of it being the U.S. "Moon Rocket" but on checking the news broadcasts later we found that there was a considerable time differential and while the rocket only stayed in the air a few seconds we watched this object for more than an hour.

I have always taken the reports of flying objects with "a grain of salt" but this one has me wondering. Could this be any type of missile of rocket? I would greatly appreciate any explanation or suggestions.

Yours very truly,

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