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                                                           11-Aug 75
To File
1.   In connection with a request for access from a Mr. Kanon through
DIS (Capt. Marsh), I reviewed the following records:
     File          Title                                       PARC Box
     ----          -----                                       --------
AFHQ 940-5         Intelligence -- Sighting of unknown ob-     829624
                   jects, UNCLAS, vols 1,2,  11 Jul 47 to
                   28 Jul 64.
AFHQC940-105      [Same title], CONFIDENTIAL, vols 1,2,        829627
                  7 Jul 47 to 8 Jul 64.
AFHQS940-105      Intelligence -- Sighting of unknown ob-      829629
                  jects -- outside of Canada, SECRET,
                  1 vol, 26 Apr 50 to 13 Nov 52.
2.   All are of historical interest and have been marked accordingly.
3.   Besides reports from the RCMP that require the written permission
from that force for access, they contain letters from private individuals
who requested confidentiality in making the information available to
this department. They are therefore to be considered as containing
PRIVILEGED information and not for release until 2000.
                                               for H.A.P. Douglas
                                               Director, Directorate of