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Encyclopedia Entry
by Canadian Researcher Arthur Bray

Canadian researcher Arthur Bray's entry for the Canadian Project Second Storey for a UFO Encyclopedia.


PROJECT SECOND STOREY: A committee of the Canadian Government to study UFOsm established in April 1952 to consider the UFO problem and recommend government action. This project was separate from Project Magnet, which dealt with physics of Flying Saucers.

Second Storey was comprised of a group of scientists and military officers who met at infrequent intervals. The importance of the committee can be judged by the fact that it was personally set up by Dr. O. M. Solandt, the chairman of the Defense Research Board (DRB).

It was originally to be named Project Theta but because of code-name technicalities, it became Project Second Storey. The minutes of these meetings, which were declassified and made available to the public in 1968, would indicate that the committee met on only five occasions.

At its first meeting, the committee reviewed the work of the U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book. At the third meeting, the committee approved a form titled "Project Second Storey Sighting Report" which was for use by persons investigating sightings. An information or instruction pamphlet was also prepared for distribution with sighting report forms to assist investigators.

A further document approved by the committee and developed by Wilbert B. Smith, a member of the committee, consisted of "Weighting Factors for Analysis of Sighting Reports." In the analysis of sighting reports, it was fairly obvious that different reports would have widely different values from the viewpoints of reliability, confirmation, and lucidity. A formula was devised giving approximately the same significance to each of these factors, derived from numerical values assigned to the answers given to the various questions on the Sighting Report Form. In addition, a Record Card and a Record Instruction Card were designed for maintenance of adequate records.

Finally, at the fifth meeting, it was apparently agreed that evidence to date did not warrant and all-out investigation by the Canadian Armed Services, but that reports of sightings should continue to be collected at a central point. This central point was to be the Defense Research Board. It was further agreed that the committee should remain active but the next meeting date was left open.

A separate document in the Second Storey file summarizes the position of the committee with the following statement: "The committee as a whole has felt that owing to the impossibility of checking independently the details of the majority of sightings, most of the observational material does not lend itself to a scientific method of investigation. (Memorandum signed by Dr. Peter M. Millman, dated November 21, 1953).

According to the information made public, the work of Project Second Storey ceased at that point.


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