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Milton, Niagara Escarpment, Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, April 20, Spring of 1999

Driver on his way home has a close encounter with a silent hovering delta craft on Niagara Escarpment in Milton, Ontario:
"I was heading home driving up the Niagara Escarpment. The night was very cloudy and a storm had just precipitated. There was heavy cloud cover, and on my way up a long stretched road heading towards the mountain, I noticed two lights which at first I figured would be a low - flying passenger jet."

"However, as I continued up the road, I was surprised to see that the two white lights were fixed above the mountain, and that the jet was much smaller than that of a passenger jet all together. I was very amazed as I ventured further and steadily closer to this object which I then discovered was hovering at a fixed position."

"It then came to my attention that I was about to witness a craft which no one in the public audience has witnessed before. This craft was at such a low altitude that I lost sight of it while I rounded a turn and could not discern it through the tree tops. After I rounded the turn, I could clearly see every contour of the craft. It had just completed a nearly 180 degree turn in the same position."

"It had a cockpit, with small airleones at each end below it. It had delta shaped wings which came together at the end with a concave curve at the rear. The white lights were at each end of the wing tips."

"I stopped my car directly underneath of the craft. I opened my door and looked up at this craft which travelled less than 5 k/m per hour over my head without a sound. As shocked as I was, I watched as the craft continued to move until I could see the rear of the craft once again."

"Shocked and scared of being a witness to this craft, I drove away."

Source: National UFO Reporting Centre (206)722-3000


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