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Burlington/Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, August 10, Summer of 1997

Many in Burlington/Hamilton region at the southern tip of Lake Ontario see a Hexagon Craft and green UFO:
"A hexagon shaped bright white object with a black stripe and three red dots acoross it moving at insane speeds."

"I was looking out my window and I could clearly see an object moving at high speeds in the sky. The object was shaped like a hexagon, and was a bright white on the top and bottem. In the middle, along its width, appeared to be either nothing or a black stripe."

"I say it looked like nothing because it was at night and it may have been sky. Along the black stripe were three bright red dots, or lights."

"The next day, I heard on the radio that many others had seen what I saw, as well as a green dot moving rapidly and eraticaly across the sky, and that I did not see."

Source: National UFO Reporting Centre (206)722-3000


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