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Colchester, North Shore Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada
April 23, 1996

A daylight sighting over Lake Erie just south of Windsor in town of Colchester, Ontario:
"I was 17. Where I lived on Lake Erie I had a view that directly west you could see Fermee II nuclear power plant in Michigan and directly south on a clear day I could see the nuclear power plant with one stack, in Ohio. Just west of Sandusky."

"I was alone. My parents were on afternoons and I was watching a storm over Lake Erie, hoping to see a ship on the water get struck by lightning."

"There it was in broad daylight a cheesy looking 50's style ufo it was a dull gray."

"I looked at it, it was there. No denying it. It was halfway between my house and an island between were I was and the Ohio shore. The thing that made it real was when low flying clouds in the storm blowing under it. It did not move."

"I looked at it and it did not go away, I made my dinner going back and forth and it did not go away. As soon as I took it for granted 20 minutes later is was gone."

"I never really thought about it till recently, so I am not 100% sure on the day that month."

"The reason I finally found an interest in it, when peoples descriptions on 'Coast-to-Coast AM' [Radio Show]."

"The other thing that botherd me recently was that I had just started to learn about sleep paralysis in the last year."

"When I lived out there in Colchester Ontario these kind of sleep patterns emerged around that time, that were so intense that my family, friends and even doctor didn't know what I was talking about."

"I moved to Windsor Ontario which is a major city directly south of Detroit it went away."

Source: National UFO Reporting Centre (206)722-3000


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