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FLYING DOUGHNUT OVER CLINTON, ONTARIO Clinton/Goderich/London, Ontario, Canada February 3, 1993

Witnesses see a hovering UFO with lights in shape of doughnut while walking in woods near Clinton, Ontario. Clinton is located about 30 mins north of London and about 10 mins southeast of Godderich at the intersection of highways #4 and #8.

"[I was] walking with friends. I saw it slowly fly above us (we were in a forest), and then it quickly flew away." "[It had] small yellow lights around four big lights: purple, red, blue, white. The four lights in the middle were in a donut shape cut into 4 pieces. There were 2 tiny lights in the middle flashing." "When it was leaving it went so fast we couldn't see it. When it was hovering it made a buzz humming sound, but we couldn't hear it when it flew away."
Source: National UFO Reporting Centre (206)722-3000


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