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Sarnia, Lake Sinclair, Southern Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, February 9, 1982
Woman on way to beauty pagent see huge department-size watermellon-shaped UFO over a downtown department store on a black Sarnia evening.


Mrs. MT was in downtown Sarnia, Ontario at about 8:00 PM on her way to a Miss Teen Pagent at the local Lambton Mall when she spotted a huge, watermellon-shaped UFO the size of the Sentry Department store, lifted into the air.

The bottom half of the object was glowing with a delicate pinky-blue colour that reminded her of a rainbow. The top half not illuminated. It hovered silently for up to four minutes before it disappeared.

  1. Estimate how long you saw the object. The time it took to travel from the Sentry Department to Zellers Department Store, from traffic light to trafic light, a pause for the light to change green and then moving forward again for about one block. Presumably at 30 MPH.

  2. What was the condition of the sky? No trace of daylight.

  3. What did you notice about the stars and moon? There was no moonlight, pitch dark.

  4. Was the object brighter than the background sky? Yes.

  5. Was the brightness like that of an automobile headlight? The bottom half only was illuminated, this was a little dimmer than a headlight.

  6. Did the object appear to stand still? Yes, about 2-4 minutes.

  7. Did the object appear solid? Yes.

  8. The edges of the object were: Sharply outlined.

  9. How large was the object? To the naked eye it seemed about one yard wide, and about one foot deep. It seemed the size of the Sentry Department Store lifted into the air.

  10. How did the object disappear from view? Slowly floated ahead of the car, then all of a sudden it was gone.

  11. Where were you when you saw the object? In a car, in the business section of Sarnia Township.

  12. What direction were you looking when you first saw the object? Heading East, turned to the North.

  13. What direction were you looking when you last saw the object? Still heading east, and object still off to the side.

  14. When did you report to some official? I reported it to CKJD Radio Station on Thursday February 11, 1982.

  15. What were the weather conditions at the time? Clear sky, slight breeze, dry, very cold: about -20 degrees Celcius.
(Source: Private Files of UFO Investigator Dorothy Lewis)

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