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Sarnia, Lake Sinclair, Lambton County, Ontario
Monday, September 14, 1981
Several witnesses report huge "V" UFO formation over Sarnia area. Some pull off road to watch, others call police and radio stations.

Aurora Polyvinylis?
Maybe it was a promotion for Mork and Mindy. Or perhaps the bright lights in the sky over Lambton County Monday night about 10 p.m. were a previously undiscovered constellation native only to the Chemical Valley - aurora polyvinylis.
The lights certainly caught the imagination of several area residents who called radio stations and police departments trying to find out what they were.
Brian Fader of Bonnydoon, near Camlachie, was on his way home along Highway 402 when he noticed three large lights in a "V" formation and two lights in the center of the back.
At first, he thought they were a reflection on his windshield, but noticed the lights were still evident after he turned off the highway onto Lambton County Road 26.
"It (the bright light) was still there so I got out of my car to look. I distinctly saw it start to move toward Sarnia."

Just to make sure he wasn't imagining things, he spoke with two other people who were parked along the road.

They, too, had witnessed the lights, Fader said.

What lighted the sky hasn't been determined - but he will be the first in line when someone comes up with a logical explanation.

"It's got me curious now, I'd really like to know what ti was. There must be a logical explanation."

Fader stressed in an interview Tuesday, he's not a believer in unidentified flying objects (UFOs). But he doesn't buy the suggestion that he saw a couple military jets refuelling.

He said he couldn't hear the roar of jet engines or see any shape between the lights precluded the jet theory, Fader said.

A check with the Selfridge Air Force Base in Mt. Clemens, Michigan indicated military jets from that base were not in the air around 10 p.m. and the Sarnia Air Port doesn't have any record of a plane taking off or landing there.

The London Free Press, Sept, 1981


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