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London, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, January 2, 1977
While playing in snowbanks two kids spot a mysteruous UFO that zig-zags around the north end of London, Ontario. Brian Vike of HBCCUFO does a follow-up interview.
c/o Brian Vike (250)845-2189

Can you remember what the weather conditions were that night you had the sighting? Yes - dark, clear sky with stars visible.

At anytime were you able to see a tail or trail following the object? No, not at all.

If you used your fingernail, would you be able to give me a rough idea of how large the object was? If I held up the pointed end of a pencil, it was about that size (distance)- perhaps about three kilometers to the north from where we were. Also, at that distance the approaching planes flashing lights were visible to the naked eye.

How long were you able to witness the event for ? From start to when you finally lost sighting of it? I would estimate from the time we first noticed it to the time it accelerated and disappeared would be at least 3 minutes to maximum 5 minutes.

Seeing the object was very low, were you able to hear any sound coming from it? Sorry, no sound, seemed too far away.

Did you ever at anytime witness any beams of light coming from the object? No, just the same brightness from start to finish.

Were there any lights at all on the object? Just the same light (glow?) as earlier explained.

Did the object change color at any time? No, but I can vaguely remember that it may have dimmed as it accelerated off to the right just before it disappeared.

Did the aircraft that you observed ever change direction to follow the object? No, The aircraft(plane) just kept on it's flight path like nothing was there.


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