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Caledonia, Grand River, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, January 2, 1977
Witnesses from two separate locations spot a zig-zag oval in the sky. Caledonia is on the Grand River and is located about 15 minutes south of Hamilton on Highway #6 between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, not far from the Six Nations Indian Reserve.
Caledonia Ontario CANADA
Two individual parties witnessed a brilliant oval UFO cavorting in the sky near their homes.

Mr. C and his wife watched the UFO from thier living room window at approximately 10 p.m. Mr. C, who was formerly in the services and is employed by Procter & Gamble, describe the UFO as brilliant white with alternate red and green flashes, as it moved erratically in the sky.

Mrs. C offered her own unique description of its course:

It looked as though someone had a ball on the end of a string -- bobbing and with a zig-zag motion.

A Second Witness

This UFO report was confirmed by a Mr. D, who from his vantage point in a car about half a mile away, described the same UFO.

Reference points were two trees about 35 feet tall, which were located directly beneath the UFO when it mementarily hovered.

Further investigations reveals the UFO was at a height of about 1000 feet.

Alien Sightings a Decade Before

This area is noted for UFOs and alien occupant sighting at the Domtar mines in 1967.

(Source: The UFO Pulse Analyzer, April 1977, pg 16)

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