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Three Mile Lake, Bracebridge Area, Ontario
Tuesday, October 7, 1975, CANADA

Thinking his barn is on fire, a twenty-seven-year-old, Bracebridge area man discovers a flying saucer UFO and nearly runs down one of its little silver alien occupants in the Fall of 1975.

The case is investigated by government authorities and the Canadian UFO Research Network (CUFORN).

This classic Canadian case of a close encounter, and a near-miss, not only appeared in newspapers from coast-to-coast, it also appears in many books by several UFO authors.


What do you do... offer them a beer?

London Free Press, October 9, 1975
BRACEBRIDGE (CP) - Robert Suffern of Three Mile Lake says a spaceship landed about 13 miles northwest of here Tuesday night and he almost ran over one of its occupants with his car.

Mr. Suffern said Wednesday the ship was about 12 to 14 feet across, nine feet high and circular in shape.

"There was a black strip running around the circumference and what looked to be a small platform at the bottom of the vehicle," he said. "Other than this there were no markings or antennae or anything."

Mr. Suffern said he found the ship while driving around to investigate "a glow in the sky" seen by his sister, who lives nearby and telephoned him to say she thought his barn might be on fire.

The ship was parked on a cottage road that led to the lake.

He said that a few seconds after he saw it, the ship lifted straight up from the road in front of the car.

"There was no dust raised, no apparent thrust, nothing," he said, "It went straight up and over the trees."

Mr. Suffern said he turned his car around and headed home. However, when he reached the top of a hill, he had to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting "some sort of creature." The creature, he said, was the height of the car fender and dressed in silver. It had two legs, two arms, a globe-shaped helmet and walked "sort of like a midget."

"His helmet was slightly lighter in color and his spacesuit was like tin foil, that has been crushed and flattened out," he said.

The creature turned, took three or four steps, vaulted over a fence and disappeared.

Mr. Suffern said he raced back to his house and arrived in time to see the space ship hove near his home before crossing the lake.

Mr. Suffern said he was badly shaken by the incident.

"It's all right to think what you would do if you came face to face with a situation like this," he said, "but when it actually happens, you are scared because you are dealing with the unknown.

"I mean what do you do if they come to the door . . . offer them a beer?"


UFOs in the 1980s by Jerome Clark

The Suffern Story: On October 7, 1975, a 27-year old carpenter, Robert Suffern, of Bracebridge, Ontario, got a call from his sister who had seen a "fiery glow" near his barn and concluded it was on fire.

Suffern drove to the spot and, after determining that there was no problem, got back on the road. There, he would testify, he encountered a large disc-shaped object resting in his path. "I was scared," he said. "It was right there in front of me with no lights and no sign of life." But even before his car could come to a complete stop, the object abruptly ascended out of sight.

Suffern turned his car around and decided to head home rather than to his sister's place, his original intended destination. At that point a small figure wearing a helmet and a silver-gray suit stepped in front of the car, causing Suffern to hit the brakes and skid to a stop. The figure ran into a field. Then, according to Suffern, "when he got to the fence, he put his hands on a post and went over it with no effort at all. It was like he was weightless".

Within two days Suffern's report was on the wire services, and Suffern was besieged by UFO investigators, journalists, curiosity-seekers, and others. Suffern, who made no effort to exploit his story and gave every appearance of believing what he was saying, soon tired of discussing it.

A year later, however, Suffern and his wife told a Canadian investigator that a month after the encounter, they were informed that some high-ranking officials wished to speak with them. Around this time, so they claimed, they were given thorough examinations by military doctors. After that an appointment was set up for December 12 and on that day an Ontario Provincial Police cruiser arrived with three military officers, one Canadian, two American. They were carrying books and other documents. In the long conversation that followed, the officers apologized for the UFO landing, claiming it was a "mistake" caused by the malfunctioning of an extraterrestrial spaceship.

The officers produced close-up pictures of UFOs, claiming that the U.S. and Canadian governments had had intimate knowledge of aliens since 1943 and were cooperating with them. The officers even knew the exact dates and times of two previous but unreported UFO sightings on the Suffern property. The Sufferns said the officers had answered all their questions fully and frankly, but they would not elaborate on what they were told. Reinterviewed about the matter some months later, the couple stuck by their story but added few further details.

The investigator, Harry Tokarz, would remark:

"Robert Suffern strikes one as an individual who carefully measures his thoughts. His sincerity comes through clearly as he slowly relates his concepts and ideas. His wife, a home-bred country girl, is quick to air her views and state unequivocally what she believes to be fact" (CUFORN, 1983).


Alien Liaison by Timothy Good
In the book "The Philadelphia Experiment", co-author William Moore cites the interesting case of Robert Suffern, of Bracebridge, Ontario, who, on the night of October 7, 1975 encountered on the road ahead a dark saucer shaped object about 12 to 14 feet in diameter. He later told a reporter:

"I was scared. It was right there in front of me with no lights and no signs of life." Before he stopped the car, the object ascended vertically and disappeared.

No sooner had Suffern turned his car round to head back home when a 4-foot-tall human-like figure with very wide shoulders, "out of proportion to his body", and wearing a silver-grey suit and a globe-like helmet, walked right out in the road in front of the car. Suffern braked and skidded, coming to within inches of a collision with the figure, who immediately dodged, ran to the side of the road and disappeared effortlessly over a fence, "like he was weightless".

After arriving home, he again saw the UFO flying slowly close to the road before disappearing vertically.

The following year, during a lengthy interview with Harry Tokarz of the Canadian UFO Research Network (CUFORN), Suffern disclosed that two months after the encounter, on December 12, he and his wife were visited by three officials, who arrived in an O.P.P. (Ontario Provincial Police) car by pre-arranged appointment. The three men, in full uniform, bore impressive credentials from the Canadian Forces in Ottawa, the US Air Force, Pentagon, and the US Office of Naval Intelligence.

The officials allegedly showed Suffern a number of gun-camera photographs and other data on UFOs, and implied that the United States and Canadian Governments had known all about UFOs since 1943 supposedly as a result of a US Navy experiment involving radar invisibility - the so-called Philadelphia Experiment. They stated that they had been co-operating with the Aliens ever since that time. They said the incident witnessed by Suffern was "a mistake", claiming that a malfunction in the craft had brought it down. Furthermore, the officials knew the precise time of the landing, which had not been revealed to anyone at that time.

The Sufferns were also impressed by the fact that the three officials answered all their questions unhesitatingly and authoritatively, and insisted that the men were legitimate government agents whose identities could be proven. Suffern was unwilling to disclose further details, however, preferring to comply with the governments' desire for secrecy.


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