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Mount Pleasant, Scotland-Brantford, Ontario
Date: Sunday, July 6, 1975

Joe Borda, a Brantford area farmer sees a "shiny dome" metallic UFO in his field and mysteriously ignores it. He later finds a twenty-foot circular impression in the field and a strange residue.

Three mysterious "men-in-black" types arrive in an Arizona limousine under some strange circumstances and seem to have some sort of mental control over Borda as they collect soil samples before he even reports it to anyone.

The police investigate and send samples of the blue-green substance to a forensic lab for analysis. Three UFO investigators come to investigate the site and they hear a strange "female" alien voice that scares them. The Borda farm is in Mount Pleasant which lies between Scotland and Brantford about forty five minutes east of London.

UFO Spotted on Tobacco Farm

Joe Borda, a tobacco farmer in Brant county, reported in July 1975, that a UFO had landed on his fields. Mr. Borda said he saw a shiny dome-like object and later when he went to investigate, he found a circular spot, about 20 feet in diameter, where tobacco plants had been crushed and burned.

The Hamilton Spectator, February 4, 1978

UFO Visits Farm

BRANTFORD (CP) - Tobacco grower Joe Borda says an unidentified flying object visited his farm in nearby Mount Pleasant Sunday.

Mr. Borda, 48, also says he'll be called a "nut" because of it.

However, the provincial police are taking his claim seriously.

An OPP spokesman confirmed that samples of a greeny-blue oily substance found on the spot where Mr. Borda said the UFO landed in a field near his house are being analyzed at a Toronto laboratory.

Mr. Borda said he saw a "shiny dome" in the field 400 yards from his house Sunday but thought it was a "shiny truck or tank doing some spraying."

"It never dawned on me to come out."

When he visited the area Tuesday he found a circular section of burned and flattened tobacco plants about 20 feet in diameter. He says there's no other logical explanation for the damage. "In 35 years of growing tobacco here I have never seen anything like this."

"I know people are going to think I'm nuts, but I don't care."

The London Free Press, July 12, 1975


Gateway to Oblivion by Hugh Cochrane
By July 6 [1975] the strange activity around Lake Ontario began to take on some new elements. That was the day when a UFO landed on the tobacco farm of Joe Borda, outside London, west of the lake. When the Provincial Police arrived to investigate the damage to his crops, they also took samples of a bluish-green substance and sent it to a laboratory in Toronto for analysis. Borda waited for a reply but heard nothing, and he then turned to a local UFO group.

According to Tom Grey, the editor of UFO Update, who supplied a copy of the report that he and members of North eastern UFO Organization completed after investigating the case, this farmer had seen a shiny dome-shaped object sitting in one of his fields and assumed it was a tank truck doing some spraying on his crops. Two days later he went down to the field on a routine check and discovered that all of the tobacco plants in a twenty-foot circle had been damaged and burned. The police examined the place for a sign of vandalism but found no evidence of this. When the UFO investigators got the call, they arrived and photographed the damaged area and collected some of the burned plants and took soil samples. They also gathered samples of the bluish-green substance for analysis. Later, when the photographs were developed, it was found that the twenty-foot area of damaged plants had a bluish tint not present in the undisturbed part of the field nearby. When the bluish-green substance was tested it was found to contain sand and an oily silicon-based substance of unknown composition.

The UFO investigators learned that the farmer had not reported the damage to the police right away. He had postponed it to the following day and was surprised when a limousine with Arizona license plates arrived at his farm and drove directly to the damaged area without stopping to get permission. Upset at the intrusion, Mr. Borda followed the limousine and its three occupants to the site and found them gathering samples. When he asked what they were doing, he was told that they were gathering samples and that he was to return to his work, that it was none of his business. For some reason, which the farmer could not explain, he immediately complied with their order without argument.

According to the UFO investigators, this case left them with several unanswered questions. They were puzzled by the fact that Borda had not demanded identification from the three men or ordered them off his property until the police had been notified. But what puzzled them most was how the three strangers knew about this UFO event when Borda had not yet reported it to anyone, and why had they arrived at the farm in a limousine with Arizona license plates.

Had these three men driven all the way from Arizona just to gather these samples? If so, who informed them about the UFO landing and whom did they represent? The UFO investigators are still trying to find out.


by Graham Conway
Joseph Borda, 48 is a tobacco farmer at Mt. Pleasant, Ont. One Sunday afternoon in July, he was walking from the house to the barn, on his mother's farm, when he looked across a field of rye and saw shiny domed metallic object sitting in the tobacco field beyond. He thought "A flying saucer, that's a flying saucer." Then as if someone suddenly took his head and rearranged his thoughts, he said to himself, "No, that's a tank truck."

Joe later admitted that hindsight dictated a large number of inconsistencies in this recognition of the object as a tank truck, possibly engaged in spraying. Firstly, to get into the position where he saw it, the vehicle would have to drive past the farm, which no one had seen it do. Secondly it would also of necessity have to drive over a pile of irrigation pipes which obstructed its path. These pipes, 10 inches in diameter would be crushed, and they weren't. Alternatively, the "spraying truck" could be in his neighbour's field. However, this theory didn't hold up either, as the neighbour in question has firm religious beliefs which include not working on Sunday.

Glancing at the object a couple more times, he dismissed it from his mind, continued into the barn and completed his chores, then went home for a swim.

Two days later, Tuesday morning, he went into the tobacco field with a cultivator. He began to feel hot and "off." At 11 a.m. he quit and went home. His wife was surprised as he never came home before noon. She questioned him and he admitted to not feeling well. Around 1:30, after lunch, he went back to work. Suddenly he came upon a circular crushed patch of tobacco plants about 30 - 40 feet in diameter, as if a heavy weight had been placed upon them. Then it came to him that this was where he had seen the "saucer" two days before. Glancing across the field, he could see the barn about a third of a mile away. No tracks were visible that might lend support to the original tank-truck idea. However, on the ground within the circle were two spots of some substance, reddish purple in colour, that felt slippery and oily, but not sticky. These patches were about as big as a fist, and the strange material seemingly had penetrated the ground several inches.

A little later he decided to call his brother Charles who is Crown attorney for Brant County, asking his advice after relating the circumstances. His bother arrived soon after and suggested that Joe call provincial police at Brantford. The police duly arrived and removed soil samples that were sent to the attorney general's laboratory in Toronto for analysis.

Later on Douglas Lucas, director of the Forensic Science Centre said that the analysis showed that the sample comprised tobacco and soil, was not radioactive and did not contain oil. He said this was what the police had asked the centre to check on. Staff Sgt. Bud Soroka, head of Brantford's police, detachment, recalled that the sample looked just like a sponge but felt somewhat firmer. Examination of plants within the area showed they contained a reddish brown streak down the centre. However, it could not be established if this was present beforehand.

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Three days after discovering the damaged area, Joe received a phone call from three curious UFO investigators, one a Canadian living in Niagara Falls, Ont. The other two were from Niagara Falls and Buffalo, N.Y. It was around 7 p.m. and they asked if they might be permitted to visit and see the site and ask questions. Being granted permission, they arrived about ten p.m., stating they had heard about the landing on the radio.

A short time later Joe Borda drove them to the landing area. It was a clear calm night as the four stood at the site location and discussed what had taken place. Suddenly one of them asked, "Who has the transistor radio going?" Although they had brought along a fair amount of equipment, including infra red film, a radio was not present.

All stopped to listen but could hear nothing. However, the moment they recommenced the conversation the voice transmission resumed. "Did you hear that?" one asked. Without a doubt they all did. Joe said that "I'll never forget it as long as I live". He described the voice as seemingly female, speaking in a language that was to all those present quite unrecognisable. It was low in volume, crystal clear in quality, flawless and flowing. It was almost like a data reading and in Joe Borda's opinion, "not of this world".

After about three minutes of this something seemed to take control of Joe's mind and told him to return to the house. Although admitting to not feeling scared, he simply said, "I'm not staying here any more," turned and walked with the Canadian investigator to the car. They left the two Americans behind. As they shut the car doors and were about to leave they heard shouts and saw the two others running and waving, asking not to be left.

It then transpired that the two Americans thought they saw a branch move in the bushes alongside the field about 150 feet away from where the transmission appeared to originate, though Joe was sure there were no trespassers on the property. Anyone moving across the field would have been in plain view for several minutes.

Mrs. Borda commented that whatever took place created a profound impression upon the witnesses as they talked late into the night, all eager to speak, one on top of the other not waiting for a gap in the conversation.

Joe Borda admitted that four grown men being frightened by a voice and a movement in the bush was, when viewed in the light of day, a ridiculous situation. However they were equally convinced that something unusual had taken place and were unable to offer a reasonable explanation.


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