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Welland, Niagara Pennisula, Ontario, Canada
Summer of 1972
Neighbourhood watches football-field-sized, black cigar UFO hover over area at twilight.

Occurred : 6/15/1972 (Estimated)
Location: Welland, Ontario (Canada)
Shape: Cigar
Duration: 1/2 hr.

"A cigar shaped craft the size of a football field, very slowly came hovering over our neighbourhood and stayed for 1/2 hour."

"In the evening, after dinner, my little sister, age eight at the time, ran into our home in a panic and hyper-ventilating. While lying on the floor, she pointed outside."

"Thinking some bullies chased her, I went outside on our corner lot to take a look and then I saw it too, coming over the field near our house."

"It was a huge black cigar-shaped ship the length of a football field and it slowly, very slowly hovered just above the tree tops. It came right over the other houses and then it stopped right over our house."

"I had two other sisters who saw it. My mother came out too and saw it. I ran to maybe four other homes and got them to come out and see this. I was thirteen at the time and very excited to know these things really did exist."

"This craft just stayed there for about 1/2 hour hovering and it made a soothing humming sound. It had some red and white lights flashing off and on the underbelly of the craft."

"When it got dark out, the humming increased in pitch and frequency, then the craft slowly turned around while going upwards, turning faster and faster while it went higher and all we saw were three white lights spinning until it disappeared."


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