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Power Lines, Niagara Falls, Ontario
Friday, January 1, 1971

Couple heading home on New Years '71 watch five Flying Saucers organize themselves into a formation over power plant, then fly off into night sky. Years later five circles are found in ground in same area.

New Years, 1971
In van driving home. Van stalled beside Winery. One block ahead, hovering over an old schoolhouse was bright lights - Red and white circling and pulsating green light on the bottom. Van would not restart. Then gradually five more crafts joined the first and they took off into clear sky in V formation. Then just vanished. Van started as soon as they took off.

At 1 a.m. as my boyfriend and I were traveling home from the Falls [Niagara Falls]. We were at Chateau Gai Winery and the Ford Econoline Van stalled.

I immediately noticed some bright lights about 300 feet in front of us and at first commented "What is a helicopter doing out here at this time of night?" As I focussed more closely (my boyfriend was frantically trying to restart the van that has never stalled prior) I realized that it was disc shaped - some kind of bubble on top with white and red lights swirling around the middle. On the bottom was a pulsing green light.

I was in awe and wanted to go closer. The petrified boyfriend wouldn't allow me to get out of the vehicle (held my arm tight).

A moment later another object joined the first, then another, and another until there were five crafts in all hovering above this old school house.

They seemed to steady themselves and then propelled into the sky in a V-formation.

My boyfriend again tried to start the van - in hopes of following. It ignited immediately. But within seconds of this the crafts just vanished from sight.

It was a cloudless sky - clear, crisp night with lots of stars visible. (New Years Eve) Neither of us had taken anything intoxicating (I was 17 and he was 23).

Eleven years later I went back to the sight with a sister and niece to see about the crop circle phenomenon. The old school house was replaced with a Community Centre. Behind it was a barbed wire fence that separated the property from the Hydro Power lines (Sir Adam Beck Generating Station).

We hopped the fence and were amazed to discover five perfect areas, about twenty feet in diameter, where the grass was growing flat on the ground in a circular fashion.

It was electric!

(SOURCE: Pararesearchers Ontario

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