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Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Date: May 30, 1970 (estimated)
Witness and little old ladies "down on the corner" watch a hovering Flying Saucer just fifty feet over their heads in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

Occurred : 5/30/1970 (Estimate)
Location: Brantford (Canada), ON
Shape: Disk
Duration: 45 min.

"While watching the eclipse of the moon I noticed a light far out in the heavens that was quite larger and brighter then the other stars that were visable at the time."

"I have seen aircraft with the sun shining on them and it was not this situation at all. The shape of the light was perfectly round and seemed like it was coming straight down towards earth. After watching it's approach for about an half hour I went in the house for what I would say was another half hour to do some things."

"The unusualness of this light that was coming from from the heavens was still on my mind so as so as was finished doing what I had to do I went back outside."

"I no sooner got out the door and onto the lawn when two little old ladies that were standing on the corner , waiting for a bus, reported to me: Look at the helicopter over your head! I looked up and saw this disk shaped object hovering , maybe 50 feet over my head!"

"I said to the ladies that I didn't think it was a helicopter because there was no absolutly no noise. There were lights all around the perimeter that seem to alternate red, green and white. I'm sure if I picked up a stone and threw it I could have hit it."

"The U.F.O. stayed still for close to five minutes without making a sound then slowly turn as if on an axis and moved away at a liesurely pace."

"The reason for writting this letter is to find out if anybody else has seen the direction from which these obects come from. Although it has been many years since this incidence has occured I still can walk out and point to the exact position and path that the object came from in the heavens."


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