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Glencoe, Southern Ontario
DATE: Wednesday, October 11, 1967
Two women and a car full of kids is chased home by a UFO with spinning lights. Once home the husband comes out to watch it depart. One of the women reported awaking the next day with a "terrific headache". The area of Glencoe is about 20 minutes west of London, Ontario.

Two Mothers, Five Girls in Car
'Chased' by UFO in District
GLENCOE - Down this dark county road went the car loaded with two mothers and five girls, home-bound after a 4-H meeting.

And overhead, something that was spinning, something with lights spraying color -- mostly red -- seemed to be following them.

"It was not a glow; it was just a mess of lights," Mrs. Julius Erdely, of RR 3, Glencoe, was saying this morning.

It was so real, she awoke today with "terrific headache and I've taken, I don't know how many, aspirins." She was driving.

"We had this feeling it was following us. And you know how you get that inner feeling that someone is staring at you.

"I can't describe just how big it was. I never felt like that in my whole life."

In the front seat with Mrs. Erdely was her sister-in-law, Mrs. Fred Coad, who lives on a farm about a mile and a half away. And always, for the long minutes of the drive to the Coad farm, the thing was there.

When they arrived, they piled out of the car and dashed into the house yelling for Mr. Coad to come see the UFO.

Mr. Coad says he walked out and saw the thing. "The lights were a fair good size. I was out there watching it maybe 10 minutes."

"My wife said when they arrived here, it was right over top of the car."

"When I went out it was going southwest. All I saw was the red light and white lights. The red one looked the size of a football."

What was it? "How would I know? replies Mr. Coad, "But it wasn't an airplane. There was absolutely no noise."

The London Free Press, Oct. 12, 1967


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