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Westminster Hospital, London, Ontario
Date: Wednesday, March 30, 1966 
A 35 foot structured craft is seen over Westminster Hospital in south London by Gas attendant working at Wellington and #401 highway and another witness near Wellington and Southdale. The saucer is dome-shaped with two rocket-type structures that shoot blue flames.

Midnight Sighting 'Converts' UFO Skeptic
A non-believer in UFOs saw a light last night "it came down like a saucer-shaped object hovering about 700 feet above Westminster Hospital."
Mr. Lewis of 58 Cliftonvale St. said today he watched the UFO for five minutes as 11:50 p.m. "shining with a white light" and changed his mind about flying saucers.
"Before I saw this thing, I thought this flying saucer business was a lot of baloney," Mr. Lewis said, "But I sure think there's something to it now."
"Anyone who can build comething like that must be better than our own scientists, or at least have better materials to work with."
Mr. Lewis said the flourescnet disc, about 35 feet wide was motionless when he first saw it, and he heard no unusual noise. The strange object was domed in the centre, with two protuberances :like giant transmission housings: on one side.
As he watched the disc flipped into a viertical position, shot blue flames from its two "tranmission housings" to make a comet-like tail, and disappeared into clouds.
The London weather office reported today that skies were overcast at midnight last night, with clouds at 1,000 feet and visibility about two miles.
Mr. Lewis, a service station attendant at Wellington and Highway 401, was taking in oil racks before going off shift when he saw the UFO.
The disc did not spin, because the "transmission housing" remained stationary, Mr. Lewis said.
- Sketch by Free Press Artist Cliff Kearns. The "flying saucer" seen over London Last night by at least two persons was cicular, with a dome in the centre and two "transmission housings" that shot blue flames before it disappeared into clouds.
He denied that what he saw could possibly have been an aircraft of any known type, a weather balloon, a reflection of a falling star, marsh gas, or any of the UFO explanations officered in the recent spate of sightings.
Mr. Lewis expressed concern that he alone saw the UFO, and no one would believe him.
But his story was backed-up by Glen Roberts, of 657 Wimblest Ave., who said he watched a "white object" float from the Adelaide Street South area to a point over Westminster Hospital before it Disappeared.
Mr. Roberts said the "light" was about 30 feet across and looked like a shimmering white neon sing. He watched it for five minutes.

The London Free Press, Mar 30, 1966

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