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West-End of Hamilton, Lake Ontario
Date: Tuesday, March 29, 1966 
Two teens report multi-colored UFOs in the west-end of Hamilton that make a "whirring" noise. No airplanes over city at the time.

The London Free Press 
LAVERN EMERY, 18, and his brother Owen, 14, of 438 Jackson Street West, reported Wednesday  seeing two objects, "flying low over the city".
The boys told their father and police were called.
Mr. Emery, an engineer at Macasa Lodge, said his sons were "extremely shaken up by what they had seen."
He said they described the two objects as "unlike anything they has seen before"  and said they were "making a whirring noise not at all like an aircraft."
Both LaVern and Owen said they saw flashing red, blue and green lights.
A check with Air Canada revealed that no aircraft flew across Hamilton at the time the objects were viewed (11:15 p.m.)
They were very frightened and these kids are very truthful kids," said Mr. Emery.
Weird blinking light have been reported in Ohio and Winsconsin and last month reports of sightings of strange objects were reported over the Sarnia area Kettle Point Indian Reserve.

The London Free Press, Mar 30, 1966

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