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Hamilton Mountain, Lake Ontario
Date: Tuesday, March 29, 1966 
A UFO lands behind a police station in the Hamilton Mountain area and a teen is burned when he touches it. Others report UFOs in the area the next day.

Saw 'Spaceship' On Mountain,Touched It, Boy Says
A 13-year-old Mountin boy a curved burn on his hand that he claims came from touching the "antenna" of a soft glowing "flying ship."
Charles Cozens, 16 Leavesden Place, said two strange "ships" landed in a field behind the Mountain police station. on Upper Wellington Street Tuesday night.
Police Constable Arnold Reid, summoned to rhe boy's home after his parents had repeatedly questioned their son before reporting the incident, verified Charleshad a three inch yellowish burn mark on his hand.
Charles said he ran behind a fence at 9:15 the open grade behind the police station after seeing one "ship" come down, closely followed by another
HE DESCRIBED the objects as "eight feet long, four feet wide, three feet high" with red, blue and green lights set into the rim and flickering like a computer.
Charles said the objects "lit up the grass around" and were making "buzzing sound."
He said they were hard and smooth to the touch adn "I could not feel hot or cold so they must have been about body temperature."
Only one had an antenna, he said, "It was thicker at the base and narrowed to the size of a nickle at the top."
When he touched the antenna he received an electric shock and a three-foot flash "of electricity" occured, he said.
"I was running to tell someone a the the police station but when I looked back they were gone and I thought the police would not believe me so I ran to tell my parents.
This is a drawing on the "flying ship" Charles Cozens says he say Tuesday night. The drawing was made by his father from the youth's description. The drawing matches somewhat the description given by Laverne and Owen Emery of the objects they said they saw Wednesday night.
HIS FATHER, James Cozens, a draftsman, said he took his son to a doctor 48 hours after the incident on the suggestion of Charles teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes School.
His mother said Charles is a "serious boy and would never involve us with the police unless he was telling the truth".
Mr. Cozens said he questioned and re-questioned his son and explained the seriousness of calling the police "but Charles was emphatic and could not be shaken." 
Mr. and Mrs. Cozens had not said anything about the incident because they afraid Charles would be hurt or ridiculed "but he remembers every detail vividly and has always been a serious hard-working kid, not the type to look for attention."

The Hamilton Spectator, Apr 2, 1966

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