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Woodstock, Ingersoll, Kintore, Innerkip, Ontario
Date: Monday, March 28, 1966 
People all over southwestern Ontario see a red, blue and white UFO moving over the area for an hour before disappearing to the north.

UFO Display Covers County
Unidentified flying objects - UFO's for short - put on a display over southwestern Ontario last night which tops anything in recent years.
The display came as the culmination of a series of such sightings in the Sarnia - Port Huron area over the past few weeks. But last night the sightings spread, covering territory from Sarnia through Oxford County.
Sightings were reported in Woodstock, Kintore, Bond's Corners, and several other points in the county.
Never, since the first sightings of what became known as flying saucers in 1947 has such public excitement been generated by the unknown.
Sightings of these mysterious objects have perplexed scientist and laymanalike for many years, and special squads of flying armed service personnel have at times been pressed into the search of the unknown.
During the past week, UFO's have been sighted from Brazil to Canada and residents within 50 mile radius of Detroit, including Woodstock itself, reported seeing an object moving across the skies. An object which they state was not a star.
It has been described as round, glowing white, and in many instances flashing red and blue lights. Whatever it is, has been seen by some to reamin stationary, high in the sky, perhaps 1,000 feet or more above the earth's surface.
Some saw it move at an extremely rapid rate of speed, then for no apparent reason, stop and hover above the same spot for hours, then move slowly off to disappear in the inky depths of space.
What appeared to be a little star flashing red, blue and white light hung over the western sky for about a half hour last night, Mr. Frank Holman of 294 Hay St., said.
A telegraph operator for Canadian Pacific Railways, Mr. Holman, was one of several local residents who saw what they believed was a UFO - and unidentified flying object.
It seemed to be in the west towards London", he said, "and looked like a little star.
Whatever it was definitely changed colors, from flashing red, to blue, and white.
"I went out to look a different intervals starting around 11:15 p.m. after I heard several reports coming over the radio of people seeing something.
"Both my wife and a neighbor across the road saw it." Mrs. Douglas Boudreau of 295 Hay St. pointed out the shining object, and all three watched as it flashed in the sky.
"We checked it at about 15 minute intervals", Mr. Holman said, "and at first it seemed to be standing still. Then as it got close to midnight, we noticed it was moving towards the north. By 12:15 a.m. it had disappeared."
A 15-year old Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute student described an object she saw last night as a slear white light which kept dimming and getting brighter.
Wendy Haynes, her 13-year-old borhter Larry, and mother Mrs. J. H. Haynes of Kintore, watched the moving object for about 10 minutes, and Larry said he could see color coming from it when it dimmed.
Mrs. James Lewis of RR 5 Woodstock, reported she had seen an object which flashed colored lights moving over Innerkip, about 10 miles outside Woodstock, and two calls from Ingersoll seemed to substantiate and object moving in this direction.
Two reporters from the [Woodstock] Sentinel-Review staff rushed off towards the village of Innerkip after Mrs. Lewis reported sighting, and their observation revealed that there was "something" in the sky in that direction.
It emitted flashing red and white light, and was moving slowly until it disappeared from sight.
In Detroit, scientists said sightings near Dexter which is about 50 miles southwest of Detroit, were probably the result of swamp gas.
Several people in that area sighted what they described as a circular object about 20 feet in diameter. Close to 100 residents of Sarnia reported watching a revolving object with multi-colored lights hovering over the Kettle Point area near the city on Sunday night.
From Windsor came reports of an object moving in an easterly direction, but police officers sent to the shore of Lake St. Clair could see nothing.

The Woodstock Sentinel-Review, Mar 29, 1966

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