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Ann Arbor, Michigan  
Date: Week of  March 15 to 20, 1966 
Police report several UFOs in this area over the week. One hovered 10 feet above a patrol car, others zipped around with multi-colored with lights. An area resident reported one had landed in his field. A six-year veteran of the US strategic air command had never seen anything move that quickly.

Unidentified Flying Objects Cause Flurry of Excitement
ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) -- Unidentified flying objects caused a new flurry of excitement here last night when several residents and police officers reported spotting mysterious aircraft.
It was the third report within a week in this southern Michigan city.
Patrolman Robert Huntwell, from nearby Dexter, told Washtenaw County sherriff's officers on of the objects hovered about 10 feet above his patrol car.
He said it resembled an airplane, had a waffle-like exterior and lights in the centre and on its edges. He told officers the lights diffused toward the dentre of the craft when it accelerated.
Washtenaw Sheriff Douglas Harvey sent seven patrol cars to the area, about 13 miles northwest of here. He said several of his deputies reported sighting the objects from two different locations.
Harvey said the deputies resported the objects flew up and down and did zooming banks, emitting blue, green and red lights.
Deputy John Foster, who reported a smiliar sighting last week, said he spent six years in the U.S. strategic air command and "never saw anything move so fast."
He estimated the objects flew at 10,000 feet.
Among the residents who reported sighting the objects was an unidentified man who said the craft landed in his field briefly and then took off.
Neighbors searched the area where the objects was said to have landed but found nothing.
Radar operators at nearby Willow Run airport said there were no unexplained radar contacts during the night. 

The London Free Press, Mar 21, 1966

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