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Walkerton, North of London, Southwestern Ontario
Summer 1960
A professional astronomer and his brother watch an illuminated oval probe study a tree then quickly fly away when discovered on a summer night in 1960. Dr. J. Allen Hynek investigated case and reported it in his book "The UFO Ecperience".


The Walkerton Nocturnal Light Case is the well documented account of the curious movements of a highly luminous object. It ranged across the countryside and then hovered around a large tree which it appeared to examine. The movements were observed and the case was reported by a professional astronomer and his brother.

The sighting occurred on a country road outside the town of Walkerton in Southwestern Ontario. It lasted about an hour, ending around 2:00 a.m. on a summer morning in 1960. The case was considered in detail by J. Allen Hynek in The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry (1971). What Hynek as a veteran UFOlogist found unusual about the case was "the small estimated linear size" of the light.

The report that follows was made eleven years after the event. The witness, who today is a professional astronomer, did not wish to report it earlier because he was unwilling to expose himself to ridicule:

The tree was about 100 yards distant and about 120 feet high. The object, which subtended an angle of about 1/4 degrees (giving it a physical diameter of less than 3 feet), appeared circular in shape and was thus probably a spheroid.

It was highly luminous against the dark sky background and changed color through the whole visible spectral range with a period of 2 seconds (rather an irregular period). Because it was rather bright, I may have slightly overestimated the angular size, and 1/4 degrees should perhaps be considered an upper limit. A lower limit would certainly be 1/8 degrees.

The object appeared to be examining the tree rather closely. It circled the upper branches, ranging from 50 to 100 feet off the ground, passing in front of the tree, then clearly visible through the branches on passing behind the tree again.

It continued this apparent "observation" of the tree for several minutes while we watched. Then, anxious for a picture, we climbed the perimeter fence and started slowly toward the tree facing due west.

We had not gone more than 10 feet before it "noticed" us and noiselessly accelerating at a very high rate, headed almost directly south, disappearing over the horizon (on a slightly rising trajectory) in about 2-1/2 seconds. (I consider my length and time estimates to be quite reliable as I was actively engaged in track and field at the time and thus quite competent at this type of estimation. Even under such exceptional circumstances, these figures are most probably within more or less 20 percent.)

Several observations about the object:

1. It was certainly too small to contain human life.

2. It had no apparent physical surface features apart from the circular shape it presented - possibly because the "surface" was highly luminous;

3. It moved deliberately and purposefully in its "inspection" of the tree, pausing slightly at apparent "points of interest" and giving the distinct impression of possessing "intelligent" behavior.

4. Its motion was completely silent, even the final rapid acceleration;

5. It was definitely not any natural physical phenomenon I have ever encountered or read about (I'm sure you are familiar with what I refer to -- "marsh gas" and the like);

6. It was definitely not a distant astronomical object. It was clearly visible alternately through the branches of the tree and obscuring the branches of the tree, fixing its distance quite exactly;

7. It was definitely seen by competent witnesses (including several police officers) besides myself; and

8. On acceleration from the tree it almost certainly should have exceeded the speed of sound. There was no acoustical disturbance whatever. (My uncle attempted to take a picture of it as it accelerated but the result was not good enough to publish due to our excessive distance from the object and its rapid motion, which combined to produce a very faint blurred image._

The salient points to consider are these: the object appeared to be governed by some intelligence, and it did not behave as would a physical phenomenon as we understand it.

(SOURCE: HBCCUFO c/o Brian Vike)

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