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Royal Canadian Airforce, Ottawa, Ontario
Date: Wednesday April 16, 1952
The day before the RCAF in North Bay annouced that they planned to investigate flying saucers, and today Ottawa actually orders the Intelligence Offices to investigate flying saucers over their air bases. The investigation stems from the flying saucer report of January 1 and the other Saturday April 12.

Intelligence Officers To Investigate
Reports Flying Saucers Sighted
OTTAWA, April 16 -- (CP) --  The R.C.A.F. today ordered its intelligence branch to investigate a report of flying "discs" over its air station at North Bay.
Four R.C.A.F. non-commissioned officers have reported seeing the discs over North Bay, the latest on Saturday night.
North Bay is about 110 miles from Chalk River Ont. site of Canada's big atomic energy project.
The Saturday night sighting of a "bright amber disc" over the North Bay airfield was reported to R.C.A.F. headquarters here by Warrant Officer E. H. Rossell, a 15 year veteran in the service and Flt. Sgt. Req McRae of Weston, Ont.
The two said the disc came in from the southwest across the airfield, stopped and took off in the reverse direction.
It climbed at an angle of 30 degrees at "terrific speed" and disappeared.

New Year's Night
WO. W. J. Yoe a master telecommunications superintendent and Sgt. D. V. Crandell an instrument technician, reported seeing a flying "saucer" the night of January 1.
Their description: "The saucer appeared to be at great height, probably outside the earth's atmosphere.

It appeared to be moving at supersonic speed."

They said they timed the object for eight minutes and 43 seconds as it moved roughly parallel to the earth.

They said it zig-zagged, climbed and dived.

London Free Press, April 16, 1952


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