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NORAD, RCAF North Bay, Ontario
Date: Tuesday April 15, 1952
On this Tuesday the RCAF announced that they were planning to investigate flying saucers after four of their own reported seeing them over the NORAD base in North Bay on two separate occasions, January 1 and April 12.

The following day, Wednesday Ottawa announces that it is ordering the RCAF Intelligence Service to do the investigation. This sets the wheels in motion that lead to Canada's Project Second Storey.

Flying Saucer Probe Ordered
After Reports at North Bay
NORTH BAY, April 15(CP) -- Royal Canadian Air Force officials said today they plan to investigate two reports of flying saucers in this area.

The reports came from airmen stationed here.

WO E. H. Rossell, a veteran airman with 13 years in the service, and Flt. Sgt. Reg McRae, a visitor from Weston, said they spotted a "bright amber disk" in the sky over the airfield around 8:30 p.m. Saturday.

The two said the disk came from the southwest, moved across the airfield, stopped and then took off in the reverse direction.

It climbed at an angle of 30 degrees at "terrific speed" and disappeared.

In January

WO. W. J. Yeo, a master telecommunications superintendent and Sgt. D. V. Crandell an instrument technician reported seeing a flying saucer the night of January 1.

"The saucer appeared to be at great height, probably outside the earth's hemisphere," they testified "It appeared to be moving at supersonic speed."

The disk was described as reddish-orange in color, " similar to a rock burning."

An R.C.A.F. spokesman said today there is no reason to doubt the validity of the reports since then men concerned are seasoned veterans familiar with conventional aircraft.

London Free Press, April 16, 1952


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