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Toronto, London, Windosor, Ontario 
Date: Sunday April 20, 1952
Hundreds watch a supersonic cylindrical UFO shoot over London at a thousand miles-per-hour. It went from Toronto to Detroit in just twelve minutes London's Fighter Mustang Aircraft gave chase at 450 miles-per-hour with no luck. No known aircraft could attain it's speed at the time.

UFO Streaks Over Western Ontario
Vapor Trail Only Clue to Object
An unidentified aircraft streaked across the northern section of Western Ontario shortly before noon yesterday at a speed estimated by experts as "in excess of 1,000 miles an hour." Left Vapor Trail
Left Vapor Trail
It left a vapor trail from horizon to horizon and aroused the curiosity and speculation of thousands of residents. It was sighted first in Toronto and a few minutes later over Detroit suburbs.

Fighter aircraft from No. 420 City of London Squadron, which were aloft at the time, were directed by civilian aircraft central offices to intercept the object. The Mustang pilots reported they could not come "anywhere near the vapor trail origin. although they pushed their planes up to 450 miles an hour." At 30,000 Feet

At 30,000 Feet
Its height was estimated at 30,000 feet by several aviation officials who saw the vapor trail individually. This height was borne out by actual bearings taken from several points in London.

No high speed jet aircraft of the R.C.A.F. or the United States Air Force were reported in the vicinity. No known aircraft now in service have speeds as high as this object appeared to have. 

Spotted in Toronto

The vapor trail led by a "dark cylindrical object" first was seen by Department of Transportation airport officials in Toronto.

By the time these observers had called London City Airport on direct telephone connections, the trail was seen streaking from east to west, north of London. 

Before local airport officials could make any report to Toronto, the Detroit airport control tower messaged on the airways communications system the trail was visible north of that city.
Offer No Solution

Time between the first Toronto report and the Detroit sighting was estimated at 12 minutes. Department of Transport officials at London airport said they had no report of any aircraft which could clear up the mystery nor had they any solution to suggest.

An R.C.A.F. airwoman on duty in the London airport tower during flying operations of No. 420 Squadron said she could see "a dark cylindrical object" at the lead end of the vapor trail.

Viewed by Pilots

Veteran pilots viewing the trail from various positions in the air and on the ground as well as the airport officials in the control tower, agreed they had never before seen anything move so rapidly.

Reports flooded in from dozens of district centres where residents were sure they had seen an authentic "flying saucer".

These impressions varied in almost every detail except for the long white trail of vapor of smoke and the speed with which it moved.

Not Discredited

While these ideas may be discounted somewhat by R.C.A.F. and Department of Transportation officials, the reports from so many reliable and experienced observers at the Toronto, London and Detroit airports cannot be discredited, it was stated.

A report from Goderich said the trail headed west across Lake Huron.

Mac Baulch, of Lambeth, a war-time R.C.A.F. navigator who was at Bayfield at the time, said he saw an aircraft flying "very high and leaving a spectacular white trail."

He thought it was a normal jet aircraft flight.

George Brown, of London, said he saw the vapor trail at Goderich leading toward Michigan at a west southwest angle.

High Speed Craft

While no indisputable explanation for the mysterious object has been forthcoming, airport officials felt sure it was a high speed aircraft and not anything "mystic or ethereal."

It is possible, It was stated, that the United States may be testing a jet bomber and not wish it known.

So no normal radio reports would be given.

High speed winds at seven or eight miles altitude could easily push a supersonic (above 750 miles per hour) aircraft along close to the 1,000 MPH mark.

London Free Press, April 21, 1952


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