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East-End, London, Ontario, Canada 
Date: Sunday June 29, 1952
A huge, blue Flying Saucer is seen by many residents of east-end London during a storm on this Sunday evening. It illuminated the entire area with a light "bright as day" for about two minutes and made a humming noise. It was seen by the control tower at the London Airport, which is located in the same area. Some officials claimed it was probably a mobile transformer that quit during the storm, a normal occurance during most storms.

'Flying Saucer' Story
Adds Fuel To Storm Effects
London district's month-long drought ended with a bang Sunday, with lightning striking 19 and setting three city homes afire, ripping down trees, blowing up a chimney and frightening east-end citizens out of their sleep, with what they said looked like a huge flying saucer.
Out on Clarke sideroad and Oxford street, the flying saucer cavorted.
Residents said a light "bright as day" lit up the area for about two minutes and made a "humming" sound.
London airport control tower spotted the "saucer". said it was bluish in color and followed a flash of lighting. H.E.P.C. officials said it came probably from a mobile transformer parked in the area. The transformer "kicked out" during the storm. 

London Free Press, June 30, 1952


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