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Stratford/Cambridge, Ontario, Canada 
Date: Thursday July 31, 1952
A bright, orange flash is spotted by motorists driving east out of Stratford, about 45 northeast of London, in the southeastern sky. That would place this object over Cambridge way. Cambridge is about the half-way point between London and Toronto.

Flying Saucer -- Or Meteor
Startles Perth Motorists
STRATFORD, July 31 -- It may have been a flying saucer, an exploding meteor -- if meteors explode -- men from Mars trying out a new-type bomb or projectile, or maybe just a giant-sized sky rocket.
Whatever it was it created quite a sensation last night.
Motorists driving easterly on Highways No. 7 and 8, east of Straford saw a brilliant orange flash which lighted up a large area of south-easterly quarter of the sky for a few seconds then vanished.
One motorist said it looked like a skyrocket or shell burning. The flash was momentary, the Afterglow lasting only two or three seconds. There was no repetition. Just one flash.

London Free Press, August 1, 1952


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